This is Halloween

My husband was looking through songs the other night, and found all kinds of cover versions of the song “This Is Halloween” from Tim Burton’s “A Nightmare Before Christmas”…….which is a movie I love. Call me strange, but the animation is fantastic, and I love the art that comes out of Tim Burton’s head.   As I am near finished with scrapbooking all of the photos that are Halloween related, I thought that Halloween night from last year seemed like a good conclusion.

Most of the products here are by My Mind’s Eye, and I think they are so cute. I usually don’t lean toward “cute” in my scrapbooking, but I thought this line was a perfect fit for the photos of my two youngest girls. Brynne was “The Corpse Bride” (and the costume was SO rad), and Ivy was Jessie from Toy Story (complete with carrying around the Jessie doll).

I also liked the “Halloween Night” piece, as it made the need for a title built from alphas pretty much unnecessary.   I added a little seam binding, and the last*weep* bright orange flower I had (scrunched up a bit) to add a little softness.

I’m excited to see what this year’s Halloween night will bring, as my Hello Kitty and Daphne (from Scooby Doo) hit the streets to trick or treat!
Happy Halloween, Gnomies!! 😀




3 Comments on “This is Halloween”

  1. Great Film and love your photos 😀
    thought you might like my machinima version of Tim Burton’s
    This Is Halloween

    Happy Halloween

  2. Chipper says:

    Happy Halloween!!! I love the detail you put in your layouts. This one is inspiring. I think I am going to scraplift it for my album as I would never think of it on my own! LOL I hope you enjoy your Halloween tonight.

  3. Wow, so many amazing things you´ve created!

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