Layout Gallery

artcompletesyou, ALLassiter, 2013

happiness is, full, allassiter

silence, full, alassiter


Soulful Smile, ALassiter full

Scrapki NOV, ALassiter

my amazeballs hat, FULL, ALLassiter

ALLassiter, Imagination, Scrapki

Love This, ALLassiter, FC

Raising Artists, ALLassiter

Spook Night, ALLassiter FULL

moments, ALLassiter, FULL

Ivy, Full, ALLassiter, UWS

13 Queen, ALLassiter, Full 2013

Dare to Explore, ALassiter

Fortune Cat Full, ALLassiter, GA

When Pigs Fly, Full, ALL

Art and Soul, Full, ALL

Edgy, Full, ALassiter

dream it be it, alassiter

Innocence, FULL, alassiter

you are here, FULL

Together, FULL

Epic Adventure Awaits, Makaha, Alassiter

U@3, Full, Allassiter

Love This and That

SunBaking, Full, Ruby Rock It, PaperIssues, ALassiter

Chinatown Hawaii, Full

Beautiful Mind, Full

senior prom, full, ALLassiter

SHELDON, ALLassiter 2013, FULL

Librarian LO Full

Adore Full

me moments full

Truly You, Full

heavenly full layout

Freedom, full layout, ALassiter

Artistic ID, ALLassiter, FULL

window shopping

Lovely, Full, ALLassiter 2013



together, full

Style Girl Full


Helmar, susan weckesser, allassiter

9, Bubble Technique, Full, ALLassiter

lovely friend, ALLassiter

Be true to you, full, ALLassiter

Forever My Muse, GA and 100 Proof

ALLassiter, Water Baby, 2012

cropped, full, US, 2012, ALLassiter

layout cropped




Winning Layout, Lucky Girl Crafts

Featured by Pink Ninja Addicts

Based on sketch by Shimelle Laine, Featured on her blog

Digital Layouts:


5 Comments on “Layout Gallery”

  1. Azura Alyssa says:

    love all your work babe… 🙂 See you on instagram… Azura Alyssa.. 🙂

    • Amy Lynne says:

      Oh Miss Azura!! How much do you rock for visiting my blog???????? You rock so much!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!! You made my day!!!! 😀 I’ll see you on Instagram!!! Much love!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Azura Alyssa says:

    Hey its only rocking when you came and visit my blog!!!! 🙂 Thanks so much dear… 🙂
    You made my day as well! Keep on scrapping these beauties..would come back for more inspiration… 🙂

  3. Beverly says:

    these are wonderful Amy xo

  4. Sarah Lynch says:

    Omg im in love with all of your layouts! These are just great and inspiring for someone who’s just. Starting out. You have really captured personalities in theses layouts, awesome! thanks

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