Classes and Workshops

MM Upcycled Class 3

I love to do all I can to promote the paper crafting industry, and I take great enjoyment in sharing my knowledge, and getting to know others who share the passion for crafting.  I am available to teach at your event or store, on a large or small scale. I can work with all types of media (but I specialize in mixed media) and with whatever you may be interested in promoting;  with skill and professionalism, gained through working as a designer in the industry, including with major manufacturers.  If you are wanting a fun, unique, energetic, creative and professional instructor, I’m your gal.

For Stores and Events I am able to:

-Travel and teach classes and workshops at stores or other events/crops.

-Professionally demonstrate new and innovative techniques (including those I have personally developed).

-Create high quality make and takes.

-Promote events using many forms of social media advertising.

MM Upcycled Class 2
The Sparkle Punk Librarian Workshops:

As a librarian myself (I am a rural library director), I know that finding affordable and engaging programming can be a challenge.  Also, we sometimes need a boost in our “creativity bank,” of ideas, and we provide our employees the opportunity to learn new things through staff in-services. I am here to offer my own unique brand of  earth-friendly craft projects and instruction….to a classroom of staff, or customers.

I bring with my innovative ideas in crafting that support the trend toward “the maker movement” that is exploding throughout the library world. I help you take books, and other unconventional items, that would normally go to a recycle bin or *gasp* the trash, and upcycle them into works of art.  Such as this project.

As A Presenter at your library event, I will:

-Offer, fun, engaging, professional demonstration of one or more projects.

-Create projects from start to finish, with fun instruction and innovative ideas that serve as a spark for creativity; inclusive of supplies.

-Show ways to use nearly any “cast off” or unconventional item, to incorporate into a book or journal. Demonstrate the use of inks, stamps, patterned paper, and other crafting items in tandem with recycled materials, to create a visually appealing, unique book with personal touches.

-Offer classes/workshops in basic photography and photo editing (using free software), to help create beautiful, publicity-friendly photos of your library events; or for patron programs.

Contact me for pricing, and to book your event!


Or contact me through social media outlets (buttons connecting you to my profiles/accounts are on the left of blog).
MM Upcycled Class 2


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