Pieces of Me

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Lately, I have felt a bit like a person trying to find their way in a dark room. Bumping into furniture, gingerly reaching out to find the way out into the light. I’ve been caught in a strange, unpredictable and demanding work schedule, and then…wham…I was sick with pneumonia. The pneumonia was a way to knock me back a little and force my body and mind to rest. Oh…and in all of this, I had to go cold turkey off of my depression and anxiety meds, adding dizziness, brain shocks, and crushing fatigue. After this long complaint, I have to say….I’ve made it through. I’m still recovering. I’m still learning how to put one foot forward, devote any extra time to my family, leaving behind very little for myself. As a creative, expressive, artistic individual, my time for releasing all that is good, very bad, and imagined…really doesn’t exist much. It’s been a struggle to find the pieces of me, and put them into an order resembling what I once knew. Maybe that’s the point of all of this. Maybe I am meant to be a Picasso right now…..and not a Rembrandt.
pieces of me full2
BUT, recently I found a few hours to create…and I made this layout using the Scraps of Darkness kit Serenade. It’s AMAZING. Full of Vintage inspiration. I added some fibers I had collected, after cutting apart an embroidered shirt. I like the collage feel, but keeping with my style. I’ve been very inspired by the book “The Art of Personal Imagery” by Corey Moortgat. You can find it here, though I have just checked it out from our local library. Three times. hehe.
flower close

I love the vintage feel to everything in the kit. It was easy to grab the lovely flowers, and this sparrow. I fussy cut the image from the ephemera pack, adding the “happy bird” bit, and the bird separately. The twine was fun to add movement here and there. I love to swoop around with twine and thread, like it just naturally fell like that. It’s funny that it doesn’t…that takes some work. 😉

Thanks for having a look today. And for reading my pity party. The pieces of me that feel a bit like they’re jumbled up right now.
Peace, love, and Gnomes,


One Comment on “Pieces of Me”

  1. butterfly says:

    It’s a beautiful layout – personal and heartfelt. And collecting up the pieces is part of what makes us human. If you can endure through those times, something new will be waiting at the end of it. And art is part of that process too.
    Alison x

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