Altered Binder Book (upcycled)

ATC book cover
Hello friends. It has been so long. Before I get to sharing my project, I have to say it’s lovely to be back here blogging. A little less than a month ago, I got a job at JoAnn Fabric and Crafts. I like the job, but it has taken away my creative time, or really most personal time. I work strange hours (one day it’s 9-5:30, the next it is 1:30-10 pm, but usually I get home at 10:30 or so), and I work nights 3-4 days at a stretch. This is my first day off in 7 straight days. I spend my “spare time” sleeping, sadly, just trying to keep up and not get sick. All of this is discouraging, but necessary for our family financially. I’ve never worked retail before, and I’ve learned a lot…about myself, people, shift work, and more. I’ve been forced to make some tough decisions with my creative teams, and that’s made me depressed. I guess I wasn’t expecting such a huge shift in my life patterns. I’m grateful to my wonderful husband who keeps things going, gives my girls the time they need, keeps up with housework and fixing meals. As usual, he always comes through in my tough times. But on to today’s share.
I created this little folio to keep ATC cards in. It could be used for anything, a journal, project life, photo album, mini album. In fact, it would be better for that than ATC’s, because of it’s size, but I was working with a discarded hardback book, and this was the size I had to use! Here’s a quick step out tutorial I’ve made into a video, to show the process:

Here’s a closer look at the details, like the layering I have done, with paper, trims, and of course stamping. All of the stamps (other than the roller date stamp from Smash) are from 100 Proof Press.They added some whimsey, fun and color to the vintage/distressed palette.

ATC cover, gnomes

I love these little gnomes moving house. I mean….I relate so well. hehe.
ATC face
The four sided cube depicting the faces of ladies was fantastic for adding a bit of interest here and there. I like to make things random, if you haven’t noticed.
ATC book outside
You can definitely see more details in the video, of how I created the binding and the book itself, but I love the laces using May Arts twine. My daughter’s friend said it looked like “a special secret book from a movie.” That made me excited for sure.
ATC covers full
atc yarn fairy

I’m definitely pleased with the outcome, and I love that I have a place to contain the tiny bits of art I create on ATC cards….even using the whole folio.
Thanks so much for visiting today, and pardon my absence. I have never missed you all more…and you’re in my heart.


One Comment on “Altered Binder Book (upcycled)”

  1. Christina Jackson says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! you are fabulous!

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