1948- Mixed Media Layout {Background Tutorial}

1948 title close
Welcome back to the gnome home, friends! I’m excited to share a layout with you today, that I created using the Scraps of Darkness Weathered and Worn kit. This kit brought to mind my dad (not that he’s weathered and worn), because he loves all things “fix it,” antiques, seeing the potential in something run down, farm life, and everything this kit encompasses. 🙂
1948 full cropped, allassiter
Because I knew I was going to make a very textural mixed media background, I decided to film the process, as many of you have asked me to “teach you!” Hehe. Until I can come and teach at a store near you (like I dream of), maybe this will suffice?

pipes, close corner
The photo is of my daddy at 5 years old, as he started first grade. His little smile is so adorable, he was just as sweet and good hearted then as now.
1948 bg close
My biggest challenge in creating this layout, was staying masculine. With all these females in my life, I’m so used to adding a feminine touch to nearly everything! I think I did alright….but it was something I had to constantly keep in mind.
Thanks so much for having a look today, and I hope you enjoy the inspiration and video.
Big hugs,


3 Comments on “1948- Mixed Media Layout {Background Tutorial}”

  1. This is an amazing layout!! This is so inspiring me to layer more and make these amazing backgrounds!!

  2. Big sis says:

    He was and is cute! I adored him and still do! Love your layout and, yes, it is masculine.

  3. jmimagemgmt says:

    This is amazing! Love the background work!

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