Dharma Bum

Dharma Bum, ALLassiter, SOD
Good morning! I’m so excited to pop in for just a few minutes, before I resume packing for our move (gulp, on Thursday!!) I’ve been absent, because I’ve been so involved with getting things ready to ship off, I’ve not had any time to create. Yesterday, I’d reached the antithesis of stress, and decided I had to do something to release creative steam. So, I sat down and made two layouts (while doing laundry; I couldn’t be that relaxed while moving). This one is my favorite, so it is being shared first. hehe.
dharma chevron, close
I used the fabulous Scraps of Darkness “Perfectly Stunning” kit. It has so much steampunky, grungy goodness in one place, that it was more than a delight to create with. Click here to see more.

clock balloons, dharma
I focused on something I’m constantly in search of lately….Dharma…which translates to many things: “path of righteousness”, “behaviors that are considered to be in accord with order that makes life and universe possible”, basically the search for the right fit in the universe. No, I’m not Buddhist or Hindu, but am doing so much soul searching….sometimes I’m a bum in everything else. It’s both good and bad. It’s a fight against what is expected of me (the steampunk wheels of industry/society), and what my soul wants (freedom and knowledge). Yeah, it’s a way too deep explanation of a scrapbook page…but it’s where I am right now. 🙂
balloon, dharma

db, frame close bottom

Thanks for having a look today. 🙂 I can’t wait to have more time to settle in and create……..and it’s on its way soooo soon!



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