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wings, close
Hello and welcome to my blog, if you haven’t visited before. I was asked by my LOVELY friend Julie (check out her blog HERE) to participate in this hop that started a long time ago. It’s sort of like a digital chain letter among artsy friends, I’d like to think…getting to know each other, and passing on the love.  I met Julie through Shimelle’s classes a few years ago, and she’s been a lovely friend and encourager. She does great work, as well. Make sure to check it out.

Here are my answers to the questions. 🙂

What are you working on?

Well, most of my creations these days are done in a frenzy. We’re getting ready to move in a few weeks, and things are all in disarray in my home. Most of the disarray is in my studio. There are at least 10 projects worth of mess (paints, mists, papers, photos, paintbrushes, embellishments….the list goes on) on my entire table. It’s really very disheartening. I dig through the disaster to find supplies to make a layout or ATC (I’ve loved making those lately), and create in my zone. That’s so nice.

One thing I’ve been learning lately, is drawing faces. I can do this in a hotel room while house hunting, on the couch after crashing from cleaning out for hours…really anytime. I used to draw all the time as a kid. I made elaborate covers for stories I wrote. I drew mostly horses, because I was obsessed. Now, I have been inspired to hone my drawing skills to add to my mixed media work, by artists like Stephanie Schutze, Tamara LaPorte, and others.  The first few faces I drew were hideous. I decided to watch a new tutorial every day.  I’ve gotten a little better.

Recently, I made a mixed media background, and was going to add this self portrait that I drew. I used watercolor pencil, and was adding the water. I touched it to a part that I had outlined in black (I was unaware) water soluble pen. boo. It was ruined.  But luckily I had copied it. So you may see it sometime soon on another project.

photo(1)How does your work differ from others in the genre?

Well, I think my work has a distinctive style. I believe that my work is truly very different from others in the mixed media scrapbook industry. Sometimes, what defines me (and my work is very much an expression of my personality) keeps me from “fitting in” sometimes. My style is very “punk rock” in nature. I don’t like rules, I don’t want to do what’s trendy for the sake of being liked. Though I do want to have people like my work….I just want them to like it because it’s genuine. It can be difficult to not be “popular,” but for me, it’s better to be authentic.

Why do I create what I do?

Well, I create because it’s the ultimate form of self-expression. As a singer, I can pour fourth myself in song. I can release emotion, and convey something through music. Through art, I release all of that visually. I feel as if my spirit is uncaged.

How does your creative process work?

I always start with a blank canvas or 12×12 page of paper/ ATC card. The primary beginning is paint. I start with swirls of paint in different colors either directly on the page, or on my gelli plate (lately). I use a brayer and combine them. I will then add stenciling, more paint, and paint splatter……..which is my calling card. I love the look and feel of natural and random movement in paint. I want it to be free. I then add stamping, layers of paper and fibers, and finally chipboard, metal, etc.

bloom bottom stamping

Well, I think that’s it for me. I will have the next few bloggers soon. I think the pool is pretty much getting very dry….but I will persist! hehe. Have a lovely Monday, and be on the lookout for some new creations soon.


3 Comments on “Expanding Blog Hop”

  1. I enjoyed learning more about you and your process 🙂 Love the authenticity of your work!

  2. jsquared says:

    Oh yes your work is certainly original – I can always spot a Lassiter! I love all the little details you add. Thank you for agreeing to carry on the hop.

  3. phaerygurl says:

    I like that you don’t want to use what’s trendy just to fit in. I have some of that myself. It’s great to get a peek into your process! And I can always tell your work!

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