Chunky ATCs with Vintage Charm

all atc big, allassiter
Long time, no blog, my friends! The last several weeks have been so….hectic, and difficult. Our family is moving to Des Moines, Iowa in the coming months, and the cleaning out, cleaning out….and more cleaning out left me busy, and when done, exhausted. I even had a few days where walking wasn’t happening easily. I was in lots of pain, and even now, small actions make me miserably sore. I’m hoping it is temporary, as I have too much to do to be kept down! 🙂
But..on to my bits to share today!

I created these cute little chunky ATCs, using a book cover cut into fourths, papers (7 dots, and upcycled), fibers, metal and floral embellishments….and stamped images.  The written tutorial for them is right HERE. 

jar brushes full
This is my favorite of the four. I really love that image of the brushes in water, to begin with. Giving it a wing and some scissors for crafting elevated it to “favorite” level.
cyrillic full,
The gorgeous Tsukineko/IMAGINE Crafts inks just made this project. The silver, gold and copper…gave a vintage/worn yet elegant look, on top of the rough collage.
bee cardsf ull
I had just ordered these stamps from Viva Las VegaStamps!, and I can tell you right now, that they will be some favorites and go-to’s from now on.
pens full



After more than a week of work and pain….and no art playtime, I was feeling lost. These little works of art are all of those ideas and desires that came flowing out at once…so I have to love them , for nothing other than that reason. 🙂
Thanks for popping by today. I’ll be back soon, to share some sneak peeks of special projects I have upcoming this month.
Happy Hump Day, and many loves,


2 Comments on “Chunky ATCs with Vintage Charm”

  1. butterfly says:

    These are completely fabulous – so happy you carved out some playtime for yourself – the results are stunning.
    Alison x

  2. phaerygurl says:

    I think my favoite is the one with the keyhole, star and gears. Although I love that wing!

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