Bewitched, ALLassiter, VLVS
So, my daughter was asked to model for a local photographer a while back. She was 18 at the time, and I was concerned…wondering what kind of dude this could be; but it turns out, he doesn’t edit his photos…..but the SOOC images are absolutely fabulous. I “stole” a few of them, and they will be showing up on my upcoming pages. 🙂 The photo here on this page is one…..taken right at the beginning of the shoot.
ouija stamp, bew, allassiter
I created this layout for Viva Las VegaStamps, using the ouija board (new to me and fabulous) as a focus (plus a few other yummy choices, like the washi tape stamp, and directional compass. I seriously almost trashed this layout about 1/4 of the way in….it just wasn’t working for me. But I started to add things that felt right….and I like how it is striking in color.
title bewitched
The patterned background paper is 7 Dots Studio..from Illumination collection. I like how the grey patterns contrast well with the neons and pastels (from the 7 Dots Studio Messy Head collection).
close flower, bewitched

bottom section, bewitched,allassiter
Well, as I wrap up today, I will head home to get my home ready for a Sunday birthday party (late) for miss Ivy.
Thanks for popping by, and I’ll be back soon with a super awesome ACTUAL sparkling gnome to share. Happy weekend, gnomies.


4 Comments on “Bewitching”

  1. Gorgeous, I love it!! The bold colors look awesome against the gray background 🙂

  2. jmimagemgmt says:

    Awesome layout again!

  3. Tusia Lech says:

    “Every little thing she does is magic” – Sting has sung it about you. I am sure of it! ❤

  4. Michele (by belle) says:

    AMY! You always inspire me! Love this, the mix of color and texture….ahhhhhh!

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