Strong Enough

Compass top, Allassiter
Today I’m sharing a new favorite layout, that I made for 7 Dots Studio this month, using papers from Cold Country and Nature Walk. This is one of those pieces that came together easily, and was a true therapy experience for me.
Bottom, compass glass chevron
I plan on offering an online video class, showing how I create my backgrounds. It is not a difficult process, and it is LOTS of fun. I also create my backgrounds, so that it is incorporated into the patterned paper, and doesn’t obscure it. For this background, I used a brayer, mostly.
Compass, Full, ALLassiter
I did some hand doodling, stamping using the Nature Walk and Cold Country stamps, and added that awesome compass….broken into two pieces. The one over the flair on the bottom, is actually the top of a cheap kid’s toy compass meant as a pirate birthday giveaway. hehe. I just broke it in half, using the claw end of a hammer….those things were well made! 🙂
Compass Bottom close

chevron, compass
I’ve noticed that I get SO much enjoyment out of the assemblage part of creating a page. Things on things, color and mediums blending together (metal, glass, chipboard, paper, fabric….) they can express so much. None of my work is just created for the prettiness…it all has meaning (not to make myself sound deeper than I am, it’s just deliberate).
Photo cluster, compass, allassiter
Before I sign off today, I just wanted to express how honored I am that you take the time to look at my work, and read my posts…..and leave a little love or encouragement. It really means the world to me. 🙂
Happy April Fool’s Day……no joke.


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