You Are Here. For now. Or maybe later. Who knows?

Recently, I’ve shown a lot of my ridiculously impatient colors. It’s been pretty ugly. A lot eye opening to me.
A few months ago, my husband learned that his place of work was shutting down the building located in Topeka, and moving the entire operation to Des Moines, Iowa. Employees were offered the opportunity to move at company cost, or accept a severance package.
Jump forward to today, and he just received a transfer job offer, but is still not sure about taking it. We’re waiting. I’m terribly grumpy and impatient, and time just keeps ticking on. And that brings me to this layout. Because……I’ve managed to turn an UmWowStudio chipboard film viewer into a time piece. In fact, my last 4 projects….have some sort of clock on them. And other than this one? That was TOTALLY unintentional. A little Freudian creativity.
I used several metallic paints and inks, and a brayer to create the background. The paper is from 7 Dots Studio‘s Nature Walk collection, and set a nice neutral tone for me to work on top of. I outlined the film reel, and then created the drips on top of each other around that area. Making drips look somewhat purposeful, without being overly tidy, is difficult for me. I discovered letting paint drip from the same area, in different colors, really gives it more freedom.
The stamp used on my background is one of my new favorites, also from Nature Walk. I liked how it gave slim lines in a different direction, to keep things interesting.
Adding bits of UmWowStudio confetti, and that super eye catching flair… rounded it out. Can you see by the skull in the middle of my “film clock” that I’m not too pleased with time’s scale and plan right now? haha!

Thanks for having a look today, and Happy Hump Day! We’ve almost made it to prime create time, friends….the weekend! Keep on moving ahead. ❤


2 Comments on “You Are Here. For now. Or maybe later. Who knows?”

  1. Debbie L Gregory says:

    I know what you and your family must be going through. My husband and I were going through similar in March of last year, his job of 28 years was shutting down, no transfers, 2 1/2 years shy of his retirement last day May 31, 2013. Through worldwide answered prayer and miracles, co received offer and he is still there with hope for future. I will send prayers your family receives answers and blessings (that I know can sometimes be hard to see at the time) I know art (especially mixed media and my art journals) are a great outlet for me as well and luckily one my husband grants me support in. It is amazing how therapeutic those jars and bottles of colors and texture, and pieces of chipboards, metal, resin and more can be.

  2. Michele (by belle) says:

    I LOVE how you use paint!

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