My Hands {7 Dots Studio February Challenge}

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I don’t have conventionally pretty hands. My hands are really small, the same size as Ivy’s were at 9. My mother has the most beautiful hands I’ve seen…..long, elegant fingers, beautiful natural nails. I’ve been embarrassed by the chronic anxiety I can hide from the world, inside my head..but that can be seen in my ridiculously short, chewed nails. In many of my YouTube tutorial videos, I’ve done my nails with acrylics, just to distract attention from them.
hands, ALLassiter, 7dotschallenge
In my attempt to begin to love myself, with all of my flaws, I’ve begun looking at myself as an outsider might. No, my hands are not conventionally pretty. Right now, my right hand has two huge scars, from clumsiness while at work, and those ugly nails. BUT… hands are stained with ink and paint, and there is a little gesso that escaped the soap and shampoo, hiding in my nail beds. This to me….is beautiful. It’s a constant reminder that my tiny fingers create beautiful art, that lifts my soul, and the souls of others…they can create magic.
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“Magic and Wonder” is the theme of this month’s 7 Dots Studio challenge, and this is my interpretation and inspiration. click the link to see the inspiration from the design team. 🙂
leftcorner, hands, ALLassiter

right corner, hands, ALLassiter
I have all kinds of goodies on here, from 7 Dots Studio, UmWowStudio, Viva Las VegaStamps, and Prima. I also found those amazing metal scissors at Hobby Lobby. I am positive I need more. 🙂 There are bits of playing card, punchinella.  It’s unique, and has freedom and expression.  Like my hands. Bless those little dudes.




2 Comments on “My Hands {7 Dots Studio February Challenge}”

  1. Michele (by belle) says:

    Hands that create as yours do are PERFECT!

  2. butterfly says:

    Magnificent layout – such depth to the layers of colour and texture – I love it!
    Alison x

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