Magic 13

My Brynne turned 14 on January 10th. She has not allowed any portraits taken of her since her birthday, sooooo, I’m still working with pics I took last year! Booo. But, these were good….and I can’t believe it’s been a year! It’s so amazing.
She told me she refused to do any “cheesy poses,” so, when she laid her head on her arms (leaning on the stair banister), I snapped this ultra fast. Her laughter made for a great smile on her face. So, I decided to scrap this pic, a magic one for me…..because she isn’t much on “acting natural” in photos anymore. It seemed only natural to create a magical layout.
My fabulous friend DeeDee helped me to see, that I didn’t NEED modeling paste to create dimension using my stencils..a heavier gesso or paint would do the trick. SO, my newest add to my pages, is heavy body paint (ahem “borrowed” from Haley) through my UmWowStudio masks.
I’ve also become hopelessly addicted to anything Prima. The flowers, metals, butterflies……I could go on. Well, they are all over this page. 😉
I tried a new technique I read in my new assemblage art hero, Michael DeMeng’s books, about burning the edges of paper. It was hard to control….but I did like the random look I achieved. AND…….I didn’t burn down my studio! Bonus!!!
I’ve been using playing cards in my latest works. I love how the design and size work perfectly. I keep a deck sitting right beside me at all times. Now I just need some tarot cards, those would be awesome!!
Welp, that’s all for today. BUT, I have lots more to share….I’ve been slackin’ on ye old blog here. I had a gnome bite me this morning….and that got me in gear! 😉
Happy arting/creating/crafting, my friends!!


2 Comments on “Magic 13”

  1. Michele (by belle) says:

    Amy! I must get some pointers from you on the use of PAINT! GORGEOUS!!

  2. butterfly says:

    Another amazing layout – your use of colour is stunning, and all those amazing splatter effects are so cool! I remembered to sign up to follow by email this time!
    Alison x

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