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Good Monday morning to you! (Though I find a good Monday to be a rarity, mostly because of my own poor attitude about it.) I thought I’d share a page from my art journal, created for Viva Las VegaStamps!, using a gorgeous picture of children in the great depression. I was searching for vintage images with a less lavish feel (all of the beautiful Victorian/Edwardian clothing, hats, furniture and backgrounds are amazing, but not what I was looking for at the time),and came across several of children sitting around barefoot on porches. This one had a decidedly less desperate feel to it, and the children look sweet and contented. The dirt on the little boy’s face tells me he was probably playing too. πŸ˜‰
extrao, aj, top corner, heart
For some reason, this page came together SO quickly. I really enjoyed the process, and expressing my creativity. I felt no pressure to create a masterpiece. I think that’s the beauty of art journaling….it’s a beautiful experiment.
art journal page, bottom corner, extrao

top title, extrao, art journal
I titled this page “extraordinary,” because I think about the extraordinary circumstances families in the US at the time faced. No rain, little money, harsh wind and dust, desperation. My grandma (who was married during the depression) was still hiding cash in random places in the 1990’s. I know personally, that living during a recession is hard enough. I am lucky enough to be employed, and to be married to someone employed. But the extremely high price of health care (especially when you have to use it frequently, and it is mental health care), rising costs of food, and gasoline…..well, they make life rough…..but you probably know that all too well. πŸ™‚

Thanks for having a look today. I hope you have a lovely Monday (let’s be optimistic), and find the extraordinary in something.


2 Comments on “Extraordinary”

  1. Chipper says:

    When I was researching my family tree it was interesting to see how the Depression affected some branches more than others. My Great-Grandfather was employed for the whole time so my Grandma’s childhood was not really affected by the Depression. But another branch of the family lost their farm in the East. Census info and other documentation show them moving slowly west, trying their hand at many things, trying to find a better life. They eventually ended up in Washington and finally set up their life there, turning their hand to logging. I wish we had a portal to the past to watch it play out in real life, oh the stories that might be told! The GFC has hit our family hard like many others, I can’t imagine how they coped back then. They were made of stern stuff! Your page is fun and carefree. I like that checkerboard stamp.

  2. EmilyH says:

    This is so beautiful. You can feel the hardship when looking at the photo. I grew up pretty poor… circumstances prevented my parents from doing any better for a lot of the time… Love this page so much. makes me think of growing up. Granted I did NOT grow up in the depression, but reading your post and seeing the photo made me think of it.

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