I’ll Be Gnome For Christmas…..{Woodland Gnome House}

gnomehouse close garden gate
It’s almost Christmas!! I finally feel like I can relax a little bit, because my shopping is done. Now I have homemade gifts to complete, wrapping to do, and sickness to get over. Last night, I was miserably sick and feverish. I am a little better today, but the coughing is awful. I don’t have time to be sick! But, back to artsy things, like the woodland gnome house I made for the May Arts Christmas Craft Challenge!
gnomehouse full
I started with a floral cone, about 8″ tall, and added a row of twigs I picked up in my yard (and broke into equal sizes)to the base, using hot glue. I then grabbed floral moss in 1″ long “plugs” and hot glued them to the cone to cover all areas, but the top 1/4. any gaps in the twigs were filled in the moss, as well. This was tricky, and I burned the soup out of my fingers several times, but I learned the trick is the put the glue ON the cone, not the moss plug. 😉
ribbon side, gnomehouse
the top “roof” layer of the house, is made from paper and ribbon curls. These are older Christmas papers, and I preferred two sided papers (they looked the best), but did use a few one sided. I just wrapped the ends around a paintbrush. I layered the papers from the top down, then added a crown of the cascading May Arts ribbon, with bits of cheesecloth and a few UmWowStudio confetti leaves. I topped it off with more moss, which covered the imperfections of the top of the crown. 😉
I created the door using a resin piece from Ingvild Bolme’s collection, (It’s actually a window, I believe), and pebbles from my garden. The “Joy” bathtub knob is also Ingvild Bolme’s collection from Prima. The keyhole from UmWowStudio.
The garden fence and door frame are just more twigs, and the path is more pebbles and moss.
gate, gnomehouse
The base is two layers of cardboard, covered in Burlap, and sprayed with fake snow.
This was one of the most fun projects I’ve done in a REALLY long time! I enjoyed the planning, and the creating, and now the sharing!!
Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you have a beautiful holiday,and I send you the love and joy of the season! Thank you so much for being a reader of my blog. ❤


2 Comments on “I’ll Be Gnome For Christmas…..{Woodland Gnome House}”

  1. Love! So delightful..and magical.

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