Maneki-Neko, The Fortune Cat {with Gauche Alchemy’s Newest Kit, Kokeshi!}

Top, fortune cat, ALL
When we spent the morning in Chinatown, Honolulu,I found all sorts of awesome stuff. I was constantly reminded by a little bird in my ear (okay, that “bird” isn’t so little, or a bird, it was a man that is my husband, Ken), that I “only have so much room in my suitcase.” Ahem, it may have been when he walked away, to admire some manly type knick knack, that a really awesome…and very breakable….fortune cat made it into a bag, and ready to fly home with me. Ah, how I love my fortune cat. As is meant for her kind, she sits on a table facing our door, to welcome guests and home dwellers alike. She’s quite the “hello kitty.”
Fortune Cat Full, ALLassiter, GA
Clearly, I love my fortune cat enough, to make a whole layout about her! I was soooooo inspired by the absolutely marvelous Kokeshi Themed Kit from Gauche Alchemy  and the little fabric strips with the fortune cats on them! There were so many beautiful Japanese/Kawaii themed goodies in the kit, that reminded me of the awesomeness of Waikiki, and the cutest Kawaii style buses that hauled around tourists.
close fortune cat, ALLassiter
This layout may seem silly, but it makes me awfully happy. It’s celebrating a moment I was very unpractical, but creating a little bit of happiness I could be exposed to every day in my home.
Thanks for popping by, and I send you the fortune of the Maneki-Neko. 😉


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