A Tag with Roaring Twenties Style

Hello, and happy Monday! This Monday has kicked off a little on the odd and unpleasant side for me, but I’m ready to bring it back around. Just thinking about creating makes me feel better….so I’m going to share a recent project I made for Viva Las VegaStamps!, this romantic style tag.

VLVS tag, victorian, ALL

I’m finding it fun to challenge myself with a small scale, like this tag. Fitting creative ideas onto a shipping tag, when you are used to creating within a 12×12 box….well, it’s a way to stretch myself.
When I finished this tag, I realized it had elements on the page that reminded me a bit of “The Great Gatsby.” So this is my romantic nod to the roaring 20’s I guess.
Background stamping, tag

eye and tag stamp
Well, happy Monday to all. I hope your day hasn’t included almost stepping in raccoon poo in your bare feet, a crying 11 year old girl, and a man in torn and dirty/bloody scrubs wanting to read to you about heirloom roses….as mine has. But hey, it’s funny in retrospect…so I’ll enjoy it!


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