Let’s Go Exploring

Let's Go Exploring, Fox Card, ALassiter

So, I will be sharing a few projects that have only been up on some of my design team blogs recently, but I didn’t share here for well, reasons.  Unfortunately, I’ve had a few rough patches as a designer lately, but I’ve learned lots of lessons, and that’s the important thing. One is, my blog, my art and design, well, I don’t want them owned by anyone. From now on, I’ll be careful to read the fine print, and really think carefully about what I read….and know if I can live with that. It may have disappointed others, and I really hate that, but I haven’t really disappointed myself; some good things have come from this, too, and I’m ready and excited to share some projects I love.   So, with all that rambling…… on to this card I made for Viva Las VegaStamps!

Fox in Coat, ALassiter, VLVS

I really should have made this a canvas or something. I love this fox so much, I have the card sitting out on a dresser so I can see it every day. I had so much fun layering up these 6×6 papers I got from Paper Issues. I made sure to fit in feathers, in the papers, and tucked in behind a flower. I see foxes running around behind my home (our house backs up to a wildlife area/lake), and they frequently have their feathered dinner in their mouths. 😉

Happy Sunday, all. I hope you have had an enjoyable weekend! ❤


One Comment on “Let’s Go Exploring”

  1. Chipper says:

    I hate fine print, but it has become a necessary evil (unfortunately!). I am glad that you have sorted it all out. No-one should own the rights to another person’s art!

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