U @ 3 ————-> A Gauche Alchemy Swap

U@3, Full, Allassiter

The design teams of Gauche Alchemy and Um Wow Studio did a product swap recently, and it was a blast. I was able to take several different styles of the Um Wow product, and mix and match them in one layout….that made me super happy. This layout features a photo of my oldest daughter, Haley, when she was just 3 years old. I printed the photo in both color and black and white, to show the contrasts, both in the photo, and in her personality. My daughter has never been black and white, however……she is pretty much all color and creativity, all the time.

U@3, hex, close

This layout was created a while back. It shows how the influence of Hawaii and the ocean on my work. I just can’t get away from the pops of color any more. 🙂 I’m pretty sure this was the first project I made when I got home from our trip.

U@3, circle cluster close

The kraft color of the chipboard was awesome to contrast with the bright blues, greens and reds.

background, u@3, alassiter

I created a heavily layered background, with lots of paint, stenciling, and punchinella on top of one another. I like how it got a sort of an outer space type look to it.

3 chip, u@3, Allassiter

I added all sorts of bits and bobs from the Gauche Alchemy Mixed Media Color Kits, as well as washi tape from the shop, and a few found items I had hanging around.

I know that the Gauche Alchemy and Um Wow Studio teams have a BUNCH of great projects to share this week, so don’t miss out, and visit www.gauchealchemy.com or www.umwowstudio.com  for major inspiration! Have a great week, all!


One Comment on “U @ 3 ————-> A Gauche Alchemy Swap”

  1. Chipper says:

    I love the swirls. Were they a stamp? The detail in this layout is amazing!

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