Water. Color. and Happy Little Trees

trees card full
So, I made a few cards for a recent ScrapFX post. I don’t usually make cards anymore, but….I wanted to use these darling little mini chip pieces.
I’ll be honest about my feelings for watercolor. They are pure love. I feel so… temporarily “a legitimate artist” when I am playing with watercolor. It’s just so…….forgiving, ethereal, like a fantasy. I know I don’t do shading correctly,and I don’t have great technique. I need to take some art classes. Speaking of that…….well, I have a little voice way down in my soul, that tells me to become an art teacher. That voice tells me it wouldn’t be in vain, that I could do good in the world with it. No, I’m not a Frida Kahlo, but I majored in voice, and I’m not a Maria Callas either. I want to help kids see that they can express themselves in anyway…through an artistic medium of their choice, and help them try new avenues to getting there.
Anyway, these little trees told me that they needed watercolor, so I stenciled a big tree in front, with the ScrapFX woodgrain stencil, and then gave them a meadow to grow in.
trees card close
Fun, fairly simple…..and a unique little thank you card was born, thanks to watercolor, and happy little trees. 🙂


One Comment on “Water. Color. and Happy Little Trees”

  1. Chipper says:

    You could always do a bit of volunteer art therapy???? It would be kinda like teaching art but you don’t have to give up the security of your day job. But finding time to do that sort of stuff is always difficult.

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