Chinatown, Honolulu {A funky fresh layout}

Chipboard flower swirl, corner, chinatown
One of the major activities that I wanted to do while in Hawaii (other than spend lots of time at the beach, or snorkeling, or visiting a waterfall), was to see Chinatown. I really enjoyed my time visiting that area of town in San Francisco, and I thought it would be awesome for my girls to enjoy some Asian culture (even if it is in a commercial, Americanish way). So, we spent a morning walking the whole area. It was a day without the tradewind, so it was a bit uncomfortably warm (nothing compared to Kansas right now, with 90% humidity and 105 degree heat index), but enjoyable nonetheless.

Chinatown Hawaii, Full
The colors that surrounded us there were so vibrant, it was really inspiring just to photograph little things, like food and signs. I took at least 100 photos.
close, chinatown, japanese paper, punchinella
There were lots of free newspapers that I picked up. It’s fun to see the ads for me most of all. The newspaper clippings on this layout are from Gauche Alchemy’s Moshi Moshi Mixed Media Papercrafting kit. I’ve used that one almost all up. Every bit. And how about that little foot shaped paperclip? 🙂 There were so many people walking barefoot around Waikiki. I joined them a few times. I could totally live without shoes. The little foot is a nod to that. Though I didn’t walk barefoot in Chinatown.
butterfly, punchinella, chinatown
I got lots of good pictures of my family that day. I was pleased that during this trip, I got very little flack for photo taking. Everyone was too chill for that.
Butterfly close, chinatown
As much as I love this layout, I have to say the strangest part for me is the fact that there is not one ounce of paint on it. Not one drop. I’m not sure why! I guess the color in the photos in elements on the page made it unnecessary? Paint unnecessary? Did I just saaaaaay that?
title, Chinatown Hawaii
Thanks for popping by today. My kiddos are visiting my mom and dad this week, so I have plllllenty of time to create. This is super exciting for me, and I can’t wait to share everything soon!
Happy (I think, it’s always questionable for me) Monday, and I hope you get to squeeze in some art!


One Comment on “Chinatown, Honolulu {A funky fresh layout}”

  1. Chipper says:

    Fab layout. I hadn’t even notice the lack of paint! It must be all the funky colours working in harmony. If I wasn’t working almost everyday I would be living barefoot, only way to be 😀

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