Guinea Pig Geek

SHELDON, ALLassiter 2013, FULL

So, Ivy’s guinea pig, Sheldon Cooper (yes, from Big Bang Theory, our family are big fans of the show) and Haley’s new GP Cosette, are the apples of my eye lately. Actually, I think my husband may love them even more…he loves to cuddle them. I took this funny photo one day while Sheldon was wandering around on our kitchen counter (yes, very hygienic, but I do clean it afterward). I scrapped this the next day. I tried to take this back to basics, less paint, less time, less thought…just fun. Isn’t that what scrapping is all about anyway? I love to be super creative and innovative, but darn it, throwing together a cute page is entertaining and relaxing.

arrows close, sheldon

I got to use the funky, more “boyish” style papers,from the “Swagger” collection by Fancy Pants, which was a thrill…I mean, I don’t have many boys in my life. I have to settle for scrapping a male guinea pig to use them for their intended purpose.

rad pig, close

I did the “rad pig” and “splendid” flair together on purpose, as a nod to Charlotte’s Web. 🙂

love, moustache, ALLassiter

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Happy Tuesday. I’m all a stress mess….my 13 year old had 8th grade graduation yesterday, and my Haley graduates on Sunday. Parties, emotions, happiness, sadness…sigh, a Momma’s world. 🙂


2 Comments on “Guinea Pig Geek”

  1. Chipper says:

    I love the background you created. I have that cherry washi tape – LOVE IT! I hope all is ok with your graduations coming up. My eldest gets his learners permit (for driving) later this year. (here they can’t get their license until they are 17, one year later) I am suddenly feeling very old and just a little scared that soon he will be taking flight. Where has the time gone?????

  2. Silje says:

    What a superfun and colorful layout! I just love it!
    And I love that your guinea pig is called Sheldon Cooper,
    as I’m also a big fan of the show : )

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