Trail Tale {Mini Album}

trail tale cover
Over a year ago, during the height of the stress of Haley’s illness, in a near complete fog of disconnection, fatigue, desperation and sadness…….I knew I needed to get out of the house, away from people, and into a place of solitude, to sort myself out. It was early morning, and I drove to a spot I’d never been before, a trail near our home, near a tree that used to be the largest Cottonwood in the US (it was chopped down for safety, several hundred years old, and only the stump remains). I got out of the car, walked over the bridge, and chose to go left down the trail. I walked through the heavy vegetation, the leaves, fairly aimlessly….for *four* hours. I cried, I stopped and drank in the silence, the sounds of the running water, birds, and rustling leaves. I was exhausted. I’m sure if a stranger had come upon me, they would have been afraid. I looked like hell. I felt like hell. When I returned home, my heart was lighter, my spirit headed toward repair. Now, that trail is a special place where I share walks with my daughters.
So, I made a mini album with all of the photos I have taken on the trail. Some are in spring, some are in autumn….whenever the grass isn’t too high (where it may conceal snakes, and for sure holds many ticks, some dangerous).
brynne me, trees
I love to wear my converse, how the blend in with the colors of nature. Well, really…I just love my converse. 😉
shoe, cover
The sunsets are amazing in the woods. The light filters in through the trees in the most sublime way.
triple Haley, pages
We do ridiculous things like larping. Yeah. If you don’t know what it is..look it up. Yes, I am a dork. I love it.
brynne page
There are actually many pages in this book (but they look similar). I created this whole album, again using the Heidi Swapp Memory File folders. I love them for minis….perfect size for multiple photos.
back cover, trail tale
Thanks for stopping by today, and having a look at this little album that’s so special to me. Maybe some day a great-grandchild will stumble upon it, and they will know how healing I found the woods, how much joy they brought me..and how doggone strange I am.
Happy weekend, Gnomies!


5 Comments on “Trail Tale {Mini Album}”

  1. Ava Gavloski says:

    super fun with this layout!!!!

  2. Love the mini, love the story! Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!
    🙂 Hugs, Nicole

  3. Chipper says:

    There is just something so special about the serenity of nature. I always feel better when surrounded by a living, breathing wooded area. The sound of moving water is also refreshing.

  4. jsquared says:

    Love that tree and the front cover. It’s good to have a special place like that. Pop by my blog tomorrow (Sunday) – it is 2 years old and we are having a blog hop and a little give away. Now i’m just off to Google ‘larping’.

  5. Phyllis Hollinger says:

    Amy, I love it! Keep up the artistic browsings!

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