Me Moments

me moments full
Lately, I have enjoyed pairing bright happy colors with contrasting pops of black or white. It’s a bit of a departure from my usual love of all things neutral and vintage/distressed.  When I saw the fantastic Scribble Circles from ScrapFX , I knew it would be a fun way to take some black paint and funny pictures, and make a funky page. And this is what I came up with. A showcase of weirdo me.

After painting the background, I placed where I generally wanted my pictures, all willie nilly, then I picked them up, and layered the paper. When that was all finished, it was time for the fun part…painting and placing my chippies! I painted them first with black acrylic paint, and then dabbed bits of bright colors (pulled from the background) here and there.
me grungy circle
The beautiful Heart Dandelion was so fun to add on its side, as a whirling bit of eye candy…all painted in happy colors and glitter. Ah, glitter…how I love thee.
dandelion close
My final addition to the page were the Me (which is the word mo-me-nts cut to my needs. I have plans for the other letters) .  Another fun fact…the “stamped” painted circles? done with a toilet paper roll and the remainder of black paint. hehe. Perfect stamp.
stamped circles

Welp, that’s enough of showing you goofy pics of me for one day. Visit this weekend for my share of a really cool mini album I made of the adventures my girls and I have hiking a trail in the woods.  It is a favorite….and has been done so long (since February), that I’ve been itchy not being able to reveal. 😉

And just for fun….here’s my buddy (actually he’s Ivy’s pet, but that’s neither here nor there)Sheldon, hanging out on my desk in the studio with me. Sheldon LOVES my tiny attacher and mists..and tries to drag around my heat gun.
Happy Thursday, and I’ll see you this weekend!


One Comment on “Me Moments”

  1. Chipper says:

    Oh, I love that heart dandelion chippy piece! Isn’t it great to have company while you create?

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