Because the Gnome is Restless…….

Just popping in really quickly, to pacify the restless gnomes. I’ve been hard at work, creating fun things. Also, without boring you with the details, I’ve been undergoing testing for illnesses, to help me get back on my feet and feeling better physically (well, and mentally), and that’s been a bit draining. šŸ™‚
So, on Saturday, I will have a really awesomely exciting project to share….but until then, here are a few sneak peeks of what I’ve been working on.

A “back to paper only” layout, that started out as my attempt at “clean and simple” haha:
left bottom, librarian

A mini album /journal about hikes on the trail:

A new technique:
painting close

And a celebration of all that is weird me:
stamped circles

Hope I made you curious, and that you are having a happy “hump day”!

AND: Just a reminder, if you are in my neck of the woods, I’ll be teaching this weekend at Basehor Community Library (and it is an AMAZING deal of a fee). More information, and sign up is here!


3 Comments on “Because the Gnome is Restless…….”

  1. OOO! I really like what I see- maps, calendars and newsprint all in one space- that’s gotta be awesome!

  2. Chipper says:

    oh oh oh! They all look GREAT! You are a tease šŸ˜›
    Hope you are feeling better really soon.

  3. jsquared says:

    Love your sneak peaks – you tease! Hope the tests help get to the bottom of things and you’re feeling better soon.

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