Truly Her……

Truly You, Full

Last night, around 8:30 pm, my baby girl unwrapped her last birthday present….tickets to see one of her favorite bands “Marina and The Diamonds.” Approximately 2 minutes after that, she asked who would be going with her..”..Haley?” She said excitedly. Well, I had planned to go with her, but I realized that at that moment, Haley was probably a better, and much cooler, choice. I kinda felt my heart break a little. My little girl, she loves music. She loves to sing, she loves to dance, she loves to be cool. She’s not a little bitty kid anymore. She’s becoming a very awesome, charismatic person.
Birdcage, truly, scrapfx

I submitted this layout for the ScrapFX design team call, and made it as funky as I usually do. I used LOTS of ScrapFX, like the birdcage, the word “Truly,” the bird, and that goooorgeous flower swirl. This layout showed up in your inbox the other day, if you subscribe to Gauche Alchemy’s “Dirt” newsletter. 🙂

flower, swirl, scrapfx

This layout is a little bit of the coolness that is my Ivy Camille….drama queen, sweet soul, and shining star. She was all dressed up for Halloween as a ballerina, all bedecked in makeup. I could see the stunning beauty she will have as a grown woman, in small glimpses.
truly, mm background
She’s truly her. Amazing, colorful, a shooting star in her mom’s eyes.
truly flowers
Can you tell that I have been on emotional meltdown today? hahaha! Thank you so much for all the sweet support and comments on my last post. You all rock. ❤

So, go check out some gorgeous chippies at the ScrapFX site, and get Gauche on the blog! I’ll be back tomorrow with another layout share!


2 Comments on “Truly Her……”

  1. Chrissy says:

    Beautiful girl and page! Congratulations on ScrapFX!

  2. Chipper says:

    I love how you painted the flower. My baby turns 12 next month and I don’t know if I am ready. Some days I want to freeze her in time … but then I can’t wait to see how she blooms. Do I sound confused?!?!?!?! (and you have older daughters!) There are times when I find it easier to let my boys grow older … but they have their own set of challenges!

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