Work (Long) In Progress

So, I have been working on one layout for far too long. I really enjoyed creating the mixed media background, and I’m not sure if I’m savoring it….or what. Here it is a few days ago….before I started embellishing with some beautiful Scrap FX (actually the photo isn’t in the same place, either….but you can get the gist):
brynne wings WIP

So, this photo, and many others, were taken by Haley. She could truly be an outstanding professional portrait photographer. Her shots are very out of the box. I printed all of these from their “session” to scrap. I thought they needed a lot of mixed media…they are quite artsy. Like this one:

brynne glass, hands

Anyhoo, I thought I’d share a sneak peek. I’ve been enjoying my time in the studio so much. I’ve had this horrible headache for going on 10 days, that goes from the left back of my head,  into my shoulders, and varies in intensity throughout the day. Interestingly enough……it isn’t too bad/not there at all when I’m relaxed and creating. So…it must be related to stress, eh? Of course, I have to say that I do have the fact that in the next few weeks/month, I will be: celebrating Easter with singing at early/late services, then traveling to mom and dad’s for dinner, celebrating Ivy’s 11th birthday (Monday), having Haley and Ivy’s birthday parties, preparing for prom, getting ready for 8th grade graduation for Brynne, and then high school graduation for Haley. Hmmmmm. I think I need to do a layout about my upcoming months. 🙂

So, I hope to be back ASAP this weekend, with the reveal of a project….and on the first, I will have a fun project share from Gauche Alchemy. Thanks for stopping by today, for a sneak peek!


2 Comments on “Work (Long) In Progress”

  1. Ava Gavloski says:

    wow, this is a sneak peek into something that seems very different.

  2. Chipper says:

    I hope your headache is feeling better. Every week at the moment runs into one … I wish it were possible to slow life down for a while, but it isn’t 😦 Looking forward to this layout and I am glad that crafting is helping you to relax.

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