Paintbrush Mania Continues with a Proud Peacock

Peacock Paintbrush, Full, ALLassiter

I was so fortunate to find out about a really fun mixed media paintbrush swap, between artists that are fans of, or design team members for Viva Las Vegas Stamps. I saw some of the work they had done earlier, and I was a little afraid of letting them down with my creation, so I did my “practice brush” with the wings. That got me absolutely fascinated, inspired and thrilled to create other brush designs. I was stuck between the idea for a flying pig (we had to stick with a nature theme), or a peacock. The idea of the peacock feathers, which I am absolutely in love with, and have been since I was a child……won me over. The flying pig will make an appearance in the future, I promise.

Stamp close

The swap was between us artists, but we also made an identical brush to be kept at the Viva Las Vegas Stamps store, so I couldn’t go too bonkers with details I couldn’t replicate. It was actually REALLY good practice for me to think carefully about each detail I added. I actually work quite a bit like a collage artist, because my brain works that way.
bristles and lace
This time, I wasn’t as glittery with the bristles, since I needed to ship it, and I wasn’t sure how excited my swap partner would be about glitter flying all over them, their table, their dog/friends/spouse/children. I colored the bristles using mist this time, as well, instead of ink.
feather, brush

One of the most beautiful things I see about peacock feathers, and feathers in general, is how much movement is in them. I love the look of natural movement, that pleases the eye as it floats across the entire piece. I think my need for a return to all things natural and free, is a way of dealing with anxiety and change in my life. It reminds me that control isn’t mine, and necessary for me to be happy and fulfilled.

back, signature

I went ahead and decorated the brush all the way to the back, and signed it. I mean, who doesn’t clamor for my autograph!?! Pshhh, just kidding. 🙂

I hope you are having a lovely start to the weekend. I am very happy to be getting a little rest and relaxation, along with time alone with my husband. My parents are having the girls visit, before they take off to visit family in Texas for a few weeks. I’m grateful…..deeply grateful.

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments and encouragement regarding my Hawaii trip…..I’m so excited to go, and feel so incredibly blessed to get to go!


6 Comments on “Paintbrush Mania Continues with a Proud Peacock”

  1. Ava G says:

    love the brushes. thanks for sharing this, will be adding this to the bucket list , totally enjoying this creativity…… beauty!!!

  2. Chipper says:

    I love the peacock brush … but the flying pig has me enthralled so you had better use it in the future!! LOL You have done a great job with the brushes.

  3. My, oh, my, this is simply magnificient! Just loving your design and colors.

  4. I see we meet again. HIYA!!! Sorry for the extremely long time in between visits but I’m just so darned HAPPYYYYYYY!!!!! This is such a great idea for a project and I really like what you rote about in this post- hope everything goes well in the change- I know change is good but heck yeah it’s scary!

  5. LOVE your peacock altered brush, they are sooooo much fun to make! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥

  6. ehammann says:

    All I can say is WOW!!! I would kill to have one of these hanging in my home… seriously!!! I love peacocks… we raised them when I was growing up. They make me think of my mother who has always adored them as well. There is something so regal and majestic about them… I digress, anyway, I LOVE this so much!!! I would love your autograph too btw!!!

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