Artistic Identity

title close, artistic id, ALLassiter

So, on Friday night, I wanted to create…..needed to create something for a looming deadline, actually…..and nothing was working for me. I started 3 projects, and I just “lost” them, the excitement, creativity. I had few good friends on the Gauche Alchemy team suggest I walk away for a while, and take my mind off of artsy things, to help with my block.

At 11:00 on Saturday, I returned to my studio, and the mojo hit me like a ton of bricks, but it was a bit different this time.

I was just dying to play with paint. I didn’t want to think about pretty paper. I did know that the “test” papers, from forcing my whole family to put their palm print on a surface, looked awfully interesting. So, paint and prints united, using a technique from Nathalie Kalbach’s Creative Jump Start.

embellishment cluster, artistic ID, ALLassiter

Finally after being all painty, I added paper. I cut lots of Studio Calico “classic Calico” papers into strips with pointed flag edges.

This heart wood embellishment, from Paper Issues, is so beautiful and I thought it fit so well on this layout.

Artistic ID, ALLassiter, FULL

You know, my daughter has a wonderful artistic identity, as the title of this layout says. I am glad she can find a bit of herself during a time in her life, where there’s so much change, and searching for purpose and meaning. I have yet to call myself an “artist”, I still see myself as a crafter….but maybe I’m an artist in the sense that while Yo Yo Ma is a studied classical musician, Bob Dylan is rougher around the edges, and his music comes from a different, self-taught and raw place. I’d fall more into the Bob Dylan category….but probably more Janis Joplin. Anyhoo….I digress.

I’m excited to share this layout. It’s a new favorite, finding a little bit of myself in a layout for my daughter.

Have a wonderful week, gnomies!





4 Comments on “Artistic Identity”

  1. ahh, this is awesome! i must catch up on nathalie’s videos because i haven’t gotten to this technique yet.

  2. Chipper says:

    According to my trusty dictionary (it goes with me everywhere on my phone LOL) an artist is “a person who produces works in any of the arts that are primarily subject to aesthetic criteria” or “a person whose work exhibits exceptional skill”. I would say that you fall into both categories so you are a bonafide ARTIST! 🙂
    I am loving the background on this one. I need to find my mojo … just isn’t happening!

  3. Scarlett says:

    I really love this page. All the beautiful techniques, your hand prints, the struggles you went through, grew through, and shared while creating it, and most definitely the strikingly gorgeous picture of your daughter – she is so lovely. 🙂 You are an artist Amy – only limited by those boundaries you place on yourself – remember that tiny lil’ word you taught me to live by….. hmmm what was it?? oh I know!! Brave. Be brave and bold my friend – you are indeed an artist – an accomplished, published one, YAY!, who radiates a such love and emotion through your work – how could it be anything but art? xo

  4. luckie101 says:

    This a really great lo!
    I am proud to join you in scrapfx team!

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