Pretty Much Never Cool

title, not always
I bet by now, you’ve figured out that while I may be adventurous and “different,” I am not necessarily what you would call “cool.” I’m plenty of quirky, lotsa dorky, and a bunch of weird. When my daughter took this photo of me in Minnesota, however…I looked kinda cool.

I decided to use the really really rad Punky Scraps challenge this month (check it out…that picture is amazeballs), and grab colors from the photo itself, like the purple of my sunglasses, and the blue of the sky.

heart and background

I started by collaging the background with vintage papers, and then layering on some pink paint mixed with gel medium. The next layer was stenciling and stamping.

Several of the embellishments on this page (the book page heart, sequin heart) came from a Paper Issues embellishment kit that has sold out…but there are a few of the elements you can find here, I see.

We’re almost to Friday, hooray!! I’m busily planning a family birthday celebration for my Brynne, who turns 13 today. I have another teenager in my home!! Brynne is a big fan of Downton Abbey and all thinks British, so we are having a Anglophile party…full of union jack banners, tea, cakes, and Downton references. 🙂  Of course there will be photos….and they will be scrapped. 😉



7 Comments on “Pretty Much Never Cool”

  1. Dara Lynn says:

    You may be quirky, and dorky but that what attracts me to follow you…not in a stalker way though! lol

  2. jsquared says:

    Love your page and your rose tinted glasses.

  3. Katie Nolan-Denham says:

    Seriously Amy, this is so full of goodness! From your cool photo to the title to all that fantastic layering that you do so well. Love it!

  4. Chipper says:

    You look very happy in that photo. 🙂 I love how you created the background.

  5. I love your work! I just started following and I know that I have been to your blog before, because I love your gnome shrine. In fact, you may have the best blog name around!

  6. One very cool layout Amy. Love all the details on the page, like the cool title.
    Wishing you a creative and good week.

  7. Scarlett says:

    I’m totally with you in the not cool boat – but that is what makes us cool – LOL!!!! I adore this LO!! Funky fab for shiggity! The colors rock my world and so does the picture. Dont’cha just love when you get that one good shot of yourself??! I’m so guilty of wanting to scrap it over and over again – okay I do….shhhh don’t tell. teehee. I saw the picture on Punky Scraps – even printed it out and hope to play along – who knows maybe I’ll grasp some time to do so before time is up! Fingers crossed and all that jazz. xoxo

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