Lovely Girl

Hello, and Happy FRIDAY!! Good grief, this week has been so long and stressful, I’m thrilled to see the weekend.
I also started Weight Watchers this week (again), and it sure does take lots of my energy not to overeat. hehe. I’ll be starting a page on here soon, chronicling my weight loss through a “project life” style book. I’m excited to see where it goes. Trust me, my “before” picture that I took yesterday has me motivated!
Anyway, off of that tangent and on to my layout. d
I took this photo of my Brynne a couple of years ago. She was digging in the grass for some reason, and I stopped to catch her expression. She has this expression a lot. She’s thinking….something she does best, and too me it’s something so beautiful. She has a beautiful mind. Many people have told me that she’s quite an “old soul” and I completely agree. So much wisdom, heart, and compassion in one little person.
Lovely, close up flowers butterfly, ALLassiter 2013
I started this project on a whim. It was complete texture experimentation, and when I got through with the excessive spraying of mist, and the adding of more and more texture elements (cheesecloth, burlap, metal screen bits)…..I almost just set it aside, because it was so different than what I usually do with a background, and it just seemed “not me.” For some reason, the picture was sitting nearby, and it caused a creative light to flip on. I just kept adding, and it just came to life. Most of the purple/lavender bits on the page are from the Gauche Alchemy Purple People Eater Mixed Media Color Kit. I just dumped the whole bag out on my table, and found all kinds of goodies. 🙂 My Helmar 450 was in my hand nearly the whole time, because the little bits need lots of hold.

Flowers, trinkets, Lovely, close, ALLassiter 2013

Don’t you just love that little hand? So funny and quirky. 🙂

Lovely cropped, ALLassiter 2013
Thanks SO much for visiting today, and I’ll be back really soon with the finished Mixed Media Mini album I posted a video technique of a while ago!
Happy weekend, and lots of blessings,


2 Comments on “Lovely Girl”

  1. Chrissy says:

    Beautifully put together. I am diggin’ the textures and the little bits and bobs you used.

  2. Chipper says:

    Looks like you had lots of fun with the background on this one. A friend and I were thinking of subscribing to the Gauche Alchemy kits this year. We probably will once they have moved and are back up and running. We subscribed to another kit company last year and I am tired of paper and a bag of stuff that doesn’t inspire me. We thought the GA kits looked loaded with ‘bits’ and those are the things neither of us have time to hunt out!

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