Welcome to 2013! {And my one little word sneak}

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers, and I hope it is starting off well. I welcomed in the new year with my husband, some strawberry champagne, and beautiful snow falling. For some reason, though the new year was so happily awaited, as it approached midnight, I felt myself slipping a bit low, reviewing all the big changes 2012 brought. Not just for me, but for the world.
Every year, I always have expectations that are extremely lofty. I like to push myself, to achieve goals, to reach for the stars…….but sometimes I find myself reaching so much, that I forget to live in the moment, to enjoy what’s right in front of me. So I have chosen my “One Little Word” this year…..BE. Yep. It’s a little word, but for me, I hope it holds big impact.
be stencil, sneak
Here’s a quick sneak of a layout I made, featuring my OLW for 2013. Soon, it will be up on the Gauche Alchemy blog, and I will share the complete layout (which I really like), but I just had to share a little bit.
just be sneak
The week before Christmas, I was very ill, as I dealt with medication issues. It was so hard to just lay there miserably, as the holiday world moved quickly past me. Finally, I ventured out for a doctor’s appointment…and when I left her offices, (makeupless, hair askew, bleary eyed, nauseated, and dizzy…isn’t it a pretty mental picture), I stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick up a gift for my husband. As I walked by the magazine section…..something caught my eye, and it dawned on me. The “Create” magazines my work was published in……..were out! I had been thinking “January issue, I’ll see it in January,” not remembering that the issues go out about a month early! So, there right in the center of the newsstands…they sat!

Here’s a picture I snapped quickly to share with my husband and mom…..funny how even as an adult, you can’t wait to share things with your mom. πŸ™‚Β  If you’re interested in looking through these books while you’re out, my work is in “Create: Vintage” and “Create: Paper Crafting.” My “mom’s advice” mini is in “Vintage, and my altered Flower Pot is in Paper Crafting.

Well, I’ve been crafting away (new layouts and a mini book), and I can’t wait to share. I even got up at 6:15 this morning to work on a layout (though I should have done a WORKOUT, heh)!!

Happy 2013, and many blessings,




3 Comments on “Welcome to 2013! {And my one little word sneak}”

  1. Great word Amy!!! Hope you are feeling better πŸ˜‰

  2. Scraps says:

    I’m sorry you were sick over the holidays–been there many a time, it definitely puts a damper on things. Hope you’re on the mend, now, though and can do this first week of the new year justice!

    I love your OLW!

  3. Chipper says:

    How exciting that when you were feeling so low you stubble upon something so exciting! Congratulations πŸ™‚ I don’t think I could find just one little word … I think I have too many right now! LOL

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