Merry Thoughtsgiving Giveaway Winner!! {And More}

Hello! I’m popping in really quick to announce the winner of my Thoughtsgiving RAK. 🙂

I can’t believe how incredibly fun it has been,and how honored I am to be able to give a gift to one of my readers. Before I give the name of the winner, I must say I have something for EVERY participant…and it will be a fun, exciting surprise. So please, email me at with your address. I just could not stand not giving something to everyone. 🙂

The winner of the RAK, chosen through drawing by a kiddo of mine(I SO wish I would have photographed the  slips of paper) was:

Jennifer “Scraps” Walker!!!

Blessings, love, and a gob of friendship to you all.





One Comment on “Merry Thoughtsgiving Giveaway Winner!! {And More}”

  1. Scarlett says:

    Congrats to Jennifer and how sweet are you Amy! Your heart is so generous and kind. Hope your day is super! We’re hunkering down for our first big storm of the winter. Rain right now and snow is to come!! 8″ is already on the ground to the north of us – eeps!!

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