Owl Always be Here for You

Owl Always Tag2, ALLassiter

Hello, and happy Friday!! Whoo hoo!! Today, I have just a fun “play” thing I made in preparation for my giveaway! Yesterday, I saw that 100 Proof Press had a tag contest going on, and I was completely up for the challenge! So last night, I went into my clean (at the time) studio, and got to work. I was using the 100 Proof stamps I have, and one of them is the tiny, sweet queen owl. I think that if a personality could be made into an image….this is pretty much mine. Kinda unsure of myself…..but thinking I deserve a crown anyway. Hehe.

feather, corner, owl tag, ALLassiter

This tag has glitter galore on it. In fact, nearly everything I’ve made lately is just a glitter bomb. I guess the Christmas season brings it out in me?

words, owl, ALLassiter
I had also done some stamping and embossing on the back, so I decided to embellish it, too! It’s more simple, but I thought it looked natural and pretty.
ferns, back side of tag, ALLassiter

small ferns, close, ALLassiter

back side, button and cheescloth, ALLassiter

Thanks so much for popping by today!! I’ll see you tomorrow with a share of a Christmas time layout! Have a wonderful Friday!
~Blessings, A


2 Comments on “Owl Always be Here for You”

  1. Sara says:

    Hi Amy!
    I love your blog and tag. It’s too funny you mentioned that you see yourself as that owl queen because I feel the same way about that stamp image (I even had to make her bigger!) – although sometimes I feel more like the sharp owl too. Thanks so much for sharing your tag and posting!

  2. Chipper says:

    Love the background leaves! I have always found owls intriguing, but I have always been fascinated by eagles.

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