A Place for Christmas Greetings

christmas card book

In the past, when I received a Christmas card, I did one of two things: I put it in a pretty tin in the middle of the kitchen mantle, OR I strung it on some yarn/ribbon across doorways.  These method did work, and the display was quite nice, when I had the time to string them up, but really, what happened was, all those cards were gathered up, and put in a box with the Christmas decorations…….and never seen again.

So, I had seen this idea for creating a little book for these cards, letters, and photo cards; and thought this would be an excellent place for this year’s cards. I didn’t want this to be an eternal project, however, soooo, I limited myself to two pieces of Gauche Alchemy ouchless cardboard, cut to size, and 3 pieces of leftover chipboard, also cut to the size of a large, standard Christmas card.  The insides are simply some scraps I had leftover from a card project (Studio Calico Wonderland papers), and shipping tags, and plenty of foreign text, from the GA store.  The cover is more scraps, some wood veneer trees, and the contents of the GA Envy Mixed Media kit. And GLITTER! Lots and lots of gliiiittteer!! 😀  Easy as pie……..done in under an hour.

I realized how special those greetings are this year, with the absence of a Christmas greeting from my mother-in-law (who always wrote cards, letters………she always told you how she loved you). Now, I dug them out of the box, just to see her handwriting. Never underestimate the power of love in your time to simply send a signed card.

I hope your Christmas season is kicking off nicely. I cannot wait to get my JYC album put together in the coming days. I’ve been keeping the journaling in the notes on my iPhone, and my photos there as well…….so I can work on it as I go. I am so doggone determined to get it DONE this year!

~Blessings, A


5 Comments on “A Place for Christmas Greetings”

  1. Dara Lynn says:

    what a fab idea Amy! I feel the same way about cards from my Mama and Papa….Papa passed 11 years ago ….this was his favorite time of the year….we could always find him outside putting up 1000’s of Christmas lights to make Mama happy!

    • Amy Lynne says:

      Dara Lynn, thank you so much! I’m sorry for the loss of your Papa, I know it is always a big hole in your heart to lose someone you love. You’ll be in my thoughts, especially as I pass a lighted home. ❤

  2. Scarlett says:

    I really like this idea and the ‘simplicity’ of the base – because it is truly gorgeously detailed. The fact the cards will be the meat and potatoes is so cool! Plus with all those photo cards people send it could easily be transformed into a mini later…..hmmmmm. Now my wheels are turning. 😀 Delightful project indeed!

  3. Chipper says:

    I just finished unpacking stuff that has been packed for 4 years. One of which is a shoebox that I used to put everything into that was really important to me. They include postcards from my Grandma who passed away a long time ago. i couldn’t bring myself to read them at the time but I am thinking of getting them all out and putting them in an album. Nothing fancy but somewhere where I can see both sides to cheer me up when I am down. The minute I see her handwriting I think of her. That is what made me start using my own handwriting on my pages instead of printing it on a computer. Maybe one day my kids will appreciate seeing my handwriting in our albums 🙂

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