Fabric Mixed Media Page Technique {Video!!}

Hello! I know I still “owe” everyone my last Thoughtsgiving post, and trust me, it’s on the way, I’m just gathering up all of the stuff for my giveaway (and I decided to wait for a few things to arrive in the mail. 🙂 In the mean time, here is a super fun video I made for Gauche Alchemy. I wanted a mini book as unique and eclectic as my Haley is, to show off her senior photos, so I used a technique I learned from a local artist that walked into the library about a month ago. I had a blast putting these pages together, and I’m almost finished with the book; so it will be up on the Gauche Alchemy blog soon (and I can share it here!!)

I’m kinda bummed, because my video creating capabilities are pretty much done, until I can eventually buy a new computer. My computer kept  crashing about 10 minutes in to making this last video…and at one point, I lost everything. Sigh. So, cross your fingers for a new computer soon. 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by, and I hope you enjoyed the video. It is my BIG goal to have my last Thoughtsgiving up tomorrow, before we head into December (when I plan to participate in Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas!)

~Blessings, A


One Comment on “Fabric Mixed Media Page Technique {Video!!}”

  1. Ava G says:

    your video after many attempts turned out great. love the music and wow, that is a labour of love album with all its different fasits of elements.
    ava g

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