Thoughtsgiving~ A Week Long Creative Journey

I will be starting a week long series here on my blog, beginning tomorrow, called (as you see above) “Thoughtsgiving.” As I have begun to teach classes, I have noticed that one of the things I do best…is to simply inspire others to give something different a try; whether it’s using out of the box materials, or kicking their unique thoughts toward crafting something that they never had imagined before… out of their heads, and into their hands.

So, I decided to take my favorite holiday of the year, Thanksgiving, and offer a quote, a personal story, a song, and a creation of my own……every day for the week leading up to the day we give thanks here in the USA.  I would love it if you take these nudges, create something of your own, and share it with me and possibly the other participants. If you simply want to read it, and move on your merry way….that would make me happy, too. Because though I may have a meager number of followers, I want to offer a little gift of my time, mulled thoughts, and crafty ideas to you all as a bit of inspiration and a thank you. When you take YOUR time to visit here, it makes me incredibly happy. Just the “hit” on my blog is like a hug. A comment? Well, it makes me smile and do a little happy dance (no kidding).

This is all free….which doesn’t happen too often these days. Let me know if you are interested in me emailing you PDF of each post, to keep in ebook form, by emailing me at . If you decide to participate, even by stopping by each day this week, I’d love it and would be SO grateful, if you would simply share the post or the series with a crafty friend. At the end of the series, I will be doing a giveaway. Every comment you leave gives you a chance to win! 🙂

Whew!! I know that was a lot to take in..and I appreciate you sticking with me!  Thanks so much for popping by, and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, for “inspiration nudge” number one!! 😀



2 Comments on “Thoughtsgiving~ A Week Long Creative Journey”

  1. Oh how exciting…I will try to make it everyday! Love the concept 😉

  2. ava g says:

    i will be stopping by to check-in with the deets….
    ava g

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