Be True to You {Spilled Distress Stain, and Punky Scraps #55}


Have you ever had those times where you think “if I don’t get a little time to myself…..I may possibly lose my mind?” Well, I was sorta there yesterday. I had been sitting at work thinking “Holy Moses, if I can’t scrap sometime in the next few hours, I may be absolutely nuts by bedtime.” I didn’t get to my studio until 8:00, but stayed there with very limited interruptions until 11:30. Ahhh, it was nice. And during that time, I created this layout!

I did something I rarely ever do when working on this layout. I started over three times. I made the first big stenciled flower using modeling paste first. It was kinda cool, but then I ruined it with too much ink and mist. The second…well, I messed up. So…this is my third try. And, well, I messed it up too, but decided to roll with it. The Punky Scraps Challenge #55 was so much fun. I *think* I fit everything in, except I stenciled instead of masking. Here’s the list of challenge materials I used:

1. use 3 different punches

2. staples

3. masking

4. chevrons

5. 2 patterned papers

6. 1 photo

As I was adding a few things before embellishing…..I decided it would look cool with a “few drops of distress stain.” So, I did as usual, and squeezed the stain into the cap…….but I squeezed too hard, and it flowed over, right onto my layout. At that point…I decided I’d just go ultra grunge (or ultra dodgy, as I’ve learned the Aussies say). 😉

I intended to scrap this whole page in neutrals. I really love earth tones and neutral colors. My daughter Haley thinks I’m a “hipster” due to this. I think I’m too old to be a hipster.  But, I saw the pretty blues and turquoise in the photo (taken by my lovely Haley), and thought adding some here and there would be nice, too….so it isn’t entirely neutral. I suppose the sparkly copper embossing powder is not at all neutral either. So, let’s scrap the neutrals thing. ha!

Well, I hope you will pop by Punky Scraps, and give us some love! I have a busy and fun weekend ahead. It is our annual family Halloween party at my parent’s farm tomorrow night. It will be a cold and fun evening, with our yummy food, hayrack ride, and s’mores by the fire.  I can’t wait!  I’m thinking everyone needs to have this much fun in the autumn. Hopefully you will too!


4 Comments on “Be True to You {Spilled Distress Stain, and Punky Scraps #55}”

  1. Dara Lynn says:

    3 times a charm! It turned out fab Amy! 🙂 I have melted down just about every day this week…. I am disappearing in my studio and not coming out till Sunday! 🙂

  2. ehammann says:

    This is lovely Amy!! I love the spill… those are my favorite kinds of “mistakes, ” the ones that turn into something lovely!

  3. susan says:

    so much work! how could you not glue your fingers together? I would have!

  4. Chipper says:

    I love how you are able to take a seemingly random pile of embellishments and get it all to work! And ‘dodgy’ is always a good thing 😀 I really like that flower stencil. Do you know who makes it?

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