Forever My Muse {Gauche Alchemy and 100 Proof Press}

I am so excited to finally share this layout I created for Gauche Alchemy and 100 Proof Press! You know, I am so blessed to be on the Gauche Alchemy team, and to work with the fabulous partners they find. 100 Proof Press is no exception….I ADORED working with their stamps. Even the website was a treat to browse. I think you should visit there and have a look, to see what I’m saying. πŸ™‚

I started this layout with the photo of Haley you can see above. It’s very recent, taken at the Art and Soul Farm Fest in September, where we were vendors (and there were puppies….sigh). I had just received a sample of Haley’s graduation announcement to look at, so that we could place our order *this week*. All of the “she’s actually graduating this YEAR….OMG” stuff started to flood my head. I guess the graduation announcement thing did it. I realized, after being her Momma through great times and very bad times, since I was a teenager myself, at age 19….she was going to be an adult, and ready to start her own life apart from me. But, she’s always the perfect photo model….and I will always have those photos. So, she’ll forever be my muse.

I used the money shot kit (which is one of the raddest things ever. Is raddest a word?) and stuff from my stash to put this together. I really dig the film strip, and decided that cutting it into little pieces for a mini banner would be fun. You can also see that I stamped using the asparagus fern and big fern frond stamps multiple times.

This fern was stamped on the back of white ouchless cardboard , and then I fussy cut it out. It’s hard to see in the photo, but I stamped it with Ranger/Jenni Bowlin ink in seed packet green, and then went over the stem and tips with a green Distress Marker. I liked how the cardboard elevated it just right, to give dimension.

This layout certainly isn’t perfect, but I had such fun creating it. And the best part was, that it kick started my creativity again. I realized I didn’t have to go nuts and try to make a masterpiece each time I scrapped something. I had been putting lots of pressure on myself to do big, extensive, innovative work each time…and I had started to burn out. Burning out meant that I was not having fun. And….the point of my hobby… to have fun!!Β  In fact, a good friend of mine had that happen too. It was sad because she shuttered her blog, and her Facebook because of it. I didn’t want that to happen. Letting go of the idea of “perfection”Β  and unrealistic expectations (not that I think any of my pages have even come close to perfection)….freed my creativity!Β  whoot! πŸ˜‰

Thanks so much for visiting today! I have so enjoyed the recent comments and visits…it’s so exciting!
Have a wonderful Tuesday, and I’ll see you soon with this layout (here’s a sneaky for ya, though sometimes I get annoyed with sneaks…it’s a bit presumptuous to assume everyone is waiting with baited breath to see your work…ha! )

Blessings, Gnomies,



2 Comments on “Forever My Muse {Gauche Alchemy and 100 Proof Press}”

  1. You are just amazing!!! This is GORGEOUS!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee it!!!!

  2. Chipper says:

    You always have the most amazing photos to scrap! I bet it’s nice to have a daughter who is ready to pose … my three do not 😦 I am loving that coin/seal stamp that you have top left (stamped four in a row) – WOW – I like it very much πŸ™‚ All too often burn out happens while looking for perfection and it is very sad each time it happens. I am glad you are scrapping and ready to create lots …. I love coming here πŸ™‚

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