Together One Day

With my last post, I added this photo at the end….of my baby girl face to face with a sweet puppy.  I had hoped to get this story and layout up earlier, but you know, I didn’t…and heck, it’s my blog, and I guess I should post when I can, right? I think now that I’ve adjusted to my new schedule, I discovered that while blogging has ended up on the back burner, I AM still creating, and with increasing frequency. …I hope that will mean more blog posts, too! 🙂

A few weeks ago, I brought some of my creations, and the creations my daughter Haley makes, to a local art fair put on by a sweet friend of mine, Christina….of iCandy Art. The day was so nice, and I even made a few sales. The fair was held at a beautiful goat farm, and included wood fired oven pizza, delicious baked goods, and lovely music.  There were all kinds of different vendors, and the evening ended with a fire show.

Some time after noon, the vendor directly in front of us brought in a pen, and then………..6 FREE twelve week old puppies. They were half Jack Russell terrier, and half Rottweiler. They were absolutely adorable. AND because they were hoping people would take the puppies, they let anyone just hold them and walk around with them. My Ivy, well, she fell IN LOVE with them, specifically one of them. It was so sweet. It fell asleep in my arms at one point, belly up like a human baby. Ivy sent a text to my husband BEGGING him to say yes to taking this puppy home. I was on the fence. Yes, this puppy needed a home…yes, it was adorable and would probably be a fantastic pet.  I didn’t want to, or have time I wanted to give, to deal with puddles of pee on my floor, and I now work an 8 hour day….so it wouldn’t have to dedicate to properly training a puppy. I KNEW I shouldn’t take the puppy home. And for the first time in my life, because I am a huge animal lover, I said no. I had a child sobbing, begging, hugging the puppy and finding it impossible to let go. My heart was breaking, HER heart was already broken. But one good thing out of it all, was this photo.

Scrapping this photo was fun, but a little sad at the same time, sooooooo I needed to have pretty things to use, for sure. I dug into a Jenni Bowlin kit of mine that I had *gasp* never even opened, and found such pretty colors in there. I loved the aqua cardstock, and adding the painted black frame to it really made a nice contrast.  It is unusual for me, but this has very little mist on it. It does have lots of layers of  pretty patterned paper, and that cloud transparency by Hambly (RIP Hambly, I loved you so). The “together” word is from a Heidi Swapp sticker pack I got from Paper Issues ( LOVE you Paper Issues) .

I’m so excited to have the day ahead of me to scrap (it’s raining, so I don’t feel bad about staying indoors and not cleaning up my garden and yard.) I hope you will have some fun crafty time coming up, too!

❤ love and blessings, gnomies.






10 Comments on “Together One Day”

  1. That had to be hard to say no… I know it’s hard for me to turn down fur babies! I loveeeeee your lo.. it is so beautiful and touching!!

  2. Vicky Alberto says:

    Gorgeous lo – our jack russel is 17 years old and won’t likely make it to Christmas. My kids will be destroyed… and I don’t have to train a new dog either so I get you!

  3. Beck BT says:

    What a beautiful sweet layout capturing a beautiful sweet moment. So hard to say no sometimes xxxx

  4. kate vickers says:

    Amy, what a gorgeous layout! I love the photo and the way you did the title on the photo is fabulous! Thanks for mentioning Paper Issues. I will mention your Blog to Cassie, I’m sure she would love to see your layout as well. You made the right choice with the puppy, I understand the disappointment, but it’s very hard having a dog when you work full time. Maybe when your dd is a bit older and home after school, it would be a better time. We have struggled with the same issue. My kids want a dog too, maybe one day…

  5. Dara Lynn says:

    Love and blessings to you too Amy:) I can remember begging my parents for a puppy…. at 48….I have 4 of them! lol She has truly been bit by puppy love 🙂

  6. cassie says:

    What a fabulous layout and i love the story behind it, too. It’s a beautiful picture. Paper Issues LOVES you!!!!!!! thank you for the shout out! You rock!!

  7. Lydell Quin says:

    Lovely Amy! I said no to a kitten, we had hand reared until old enough to eat himself, a while back and my DD still has not forgotten!!!

  8. Seriously sweet layout, Amy! Saying no to getting a pet is so difficult. Maybe that is why we have 2 dogs! 🙂

  9. jjsobey says:

    I feel for ya. I know a kitty that needs a new home, and I love that kitty’s personality very much… but we just can’t add another pet to our household. 😦

  10. Chipper says:

    While it was probably a very wise decision not to take the puppy home, it would have been sooooooo hard to say no. I love the way you used the zipper. I have been feeling very uninspired lately but I am slowly getting there but now I have to pack up my craft room so that we can move 😦 NOT looking forward to tackling that job!

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