Hello October {With a Fun Technique Video}

My husband found a picture on Facebook the other day, and the camera was looking up into the branches of trees, filled with orange autumn leaves. The caption read “Hello October!” and I couldn’t agree more. October is so welcome for all of us, especially after this ridiculously hot summer. I find no other time of the year to be more beautiful, refreshing, and renewing. I know many people think this way of spring, but honestly, I never look forward to the long, hot summers that follow. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy gardening, and the other lovely parts of spring, but….autumn has my heart.

I also look forward to that spooky time of year, when the leaves fall on plump ghoulish pumpkins, and skeletons hang grinning from doors and windows.  Some have told me that my love of all things Halloween is dark and creepy. Honestly, I don’t see it that way. There’s darkness in every life……and death knocks on the door of every human being. Even with the deepest of faith, there’s still a tiny fear of the unknown, beyond this life, and what we see. So, I love to create around this idea. This year, I’ve already made 3 projects around Halloween and Day of the Dead themes. I can’t wait to share them, especially this first one, that includes a technique!

This layout has a picture of my Ivy about 2 years ago, at our family Halloween party. We were in the poor farm cemetery, that lays adjacent to my parent’s farm, and were looking at the old, worn headstones. This cemetery used to be REALLY spooky. It was covered in weeds, and you wouldn’t have even known it was there, if our family wasn’t aware of it. A few years ago, though, an Eagle Scout fixed the whole thing up, and it is so beautiful now. It is set in a grove of trees, and was replanted with green, lush grass. There are benches, and an iron fence and gate that surrounds it. Now that it is well kept, it is fun to read the stones, that told of many people who’s lives were obviously very difficult. I always imagine that they are grateful to have eternal rest.

I used the limited edition Gauche Alchemy Halloween Mixed Media Color Kit. It is SO fun…and I got a bunch of mileage out of that one kit. I could do several layouts with it, too. I also used the orange and black kits, as well.

In case you don’t have time to watch the technique video, here are the supplies I used for this layout, minus the stamps. The dancing skeleton is from Viva LasVegas Stamps…and it is just so cute.

Before I leave you to enjoy a somewhat techno version of Bach’s Toccata and Fugue, and my technique; I’ll say this technique happened completely by accident, and it isn’t for the non-grungy. I was cleaning tons of ink off of my stamps, and I had forgotten I’d put bleach in my spray water bottle, because it had gotten stinky. As the ink dripped to the page, I saw the sort of chemical reaction that was going on there, and thought it looked heckafun!

I hope your October is kicking off well, Gnomies. Sorry I’ve been so slow to get up posts. My new job has been so time consuming, and in the evening, I’m beat. I do have projects to share, so keep an eye out!



3 Comments on “Hello October {With a Fun Technique Video}”

  1. Dara Lynn says:

    I love using black sprays and this is so up my alley girlie!!! Looking for the bleach!

  2. jsquared says:

    Love your little gothic elements. I know what you mean about feeling beat when you get back form work. Sorry I’ve not been by very often – I just don’t seem to be able to find th etime to sit and visit blogs like I used to.

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