Unique Style

I’ve pretty much always had a unique style of dressing. When I discovered how I could express myself in clothing, in junior high, I never went all crazy, but I did like to choose things that veered away from the norm.  That really hasn’t changed in the last 20ish years. I love to find elements to incorporate into my style, that express my creativity.  So, when I saw Pink Persimmon’s new “Style Girl” stamps…I knew I would make this layout all about moi! 😉

The quirky vintage images in this collection are so much fun. I’m pretty sure I used nearly every stamp on this page. It’s like “where’s Waldo?”  I found vintage Asian pattern images in my stash of Gauche Alchemy foreign text, and used a dress pattern, all misted and decoupaged, as a frame. I thought some stitching and fabric would complete the whole fashion/sewing look.

I had so much fun putting this layout together, and it kick started my creativity in just the right way. I wanted to have it up here on the gnome for a while, but good gravy, life took over!

Today is my 37th birthday, and I looked at last year’s post, and see the slight shift in my scrapping style, and where I’ve come in one year as a crafter and person. I have a healthy and “normal” teen daughter now, as well as some wrinkles, under eye bags and lots more gray hair. I’ve lost an important person in my life, but added a very rewarding job. I’ve learned so much about me, my family, and where I’m headed.  I’m feeling quite blessed today. As I stared at the “37” of my birthday candles on the delicious cake my mom made for me  this weekend……I became aware of how close I am to 40….and how I am ready for it.  Life goes by so fast. I want to grab all of the good stuff out of it that I can.

I’m going to sign off for now, but crafting awaits me this afternoon. I hope to put together a mini of the wonderful day we had this Saturday……but here’s a parting image that I love. You’ll have to wait for the story, coming soon.

Blessings, Gnomies


2 Comments on “Unique Style”

  1. misty says:

    gorgeous and your daughters picture is breathtaking. I bet it was hard to tell her no after that special moment you captured!

  2. Phyllis Hollinger says:

    This is very nice! Love your “unique” style!

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