Burst Your Bubble {An Inky Fun Technique}

I’ve been waiting anxiously for this video and project to post on the  Gauche Alchemy blog. I had an absolute blast creating this layout, especially the background. I was thinking deeply for several days,  about a fun new technique to use; something that has possibly never been done before. I wanted to use mists, I knew, but then I was stumped. Suddenly, while sitting in my studio, just enjoying the quiet, I thought….what if I added mist to bubble solution, and then blew the bubbles onto the paper? I gave it a shot, to see if it would work…and with the right bubble formula, it did! Of course, I made a GINORMOUS mess……I had splatters of bubble ink everywhere. Luckily, because it is soap, it wiped right up, but I then knew this is probably a project best done outside, or with a cloth over the table.

Because this is a pretty wet project, I decided to use art journal paper, designed for mixed media. It was heavy, and didn’t warp too badly. I could then take the backgrounds I made, and add them to a 12×12 piece of patterned paper.  Since I am a messy, unfussy scrapper, the distressed edges didn’t bother me much. I suppose if you’d like to give this a try, and you are not a fan of the distressed look, ironing the paper would be an option.

I added a photo up in the corner, and just created a frame for it, using mostly colors from the Gauche Alchemy Mixed Media Color Kits, that are found in the “bubbled” background (blue, yellow, green, black), in a big cluster.

Hopefully after seeing my layout, I’ve inspired you to watch my crazy, fun and silly technique video? 🙂 If so, here it is, or visit Gauche Alchemy:


5 Comments on “Burst Your Bubble {An Inky Fun Technique}”

  1. Wonderful project Amy! I totally loved it.


  2. lousyananut says:

    LOVE this technique ..holy hell woman! 😉

  3. WHAT? WHAAAAT??? This is SO AWESOOOOOOME!!!! Ingenius!!! Guess what I’m about to go try? The page is stunning- beautiful cluster around that gorgeous soulful portrait- seriously Amy- this needs to be submitted to Stampington- it’s so fresh and totally arresting.

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