Labor Day Weekend and the Crafty Trailer Dream

Lately, I’ve been trying to get outdoors more. When I was a child, I spend nearly every waking hour outside. I almost never watched TV, and I was strong, very fit, and super healthy. Many of us were like this as kids, I assume, but I know that the more I’ve lost touch with my love of nature, the more depressed I’ve become. While I do enjoy the very primitive aspects of camping with a tent, I had the whole idea of camping sparked another idea.  A crafty trailer!  (I noticed that Rhonna Ferrer has had several posts chronicling her restoration of a vintage trailer, so I guess my idea isn’t too terribly novel. But oh well. 😉  I now have a (hopefully not too distant) dream, of finding a trailer, similar to the one below, and using it to stay in as I travel and teach classes!

These pictures are used with permission from . Click on any of the photos to go right to this amazing site, and the original post.

I am beginning to develop a plan to get out and teaching soon, and I am so excited. In fact, I will be joining the education team of one of my design teams very soon….and becoming a certified educator. There will be more on that later, but I believe it will give me the boost I need to make my dreams come true. 🙂  I feel like maybe one day having a little trailer such as this one (and isn’t it the cutest, girliest, most vintagrific thing ever ) will give me a place to haul materials, and to stay while I am out near different stores. I could also add some advertising on the outside. Sigh…..dreams.

Pretty soon, I’ll be mini booking our first mother-daughter camping adventure……but I have to say that I feel pretty darn “woman powerful” being able to set up one large tent, one small tent, and have a fire started; in about 25 minutes, with the assistance of two of my daughters.  Of course, one of the girls chickened out and went home with her Dad before bed… we  need to work on that.  But hey, if I was able to have a crafty trailer, we could all sleep inside of it, with a light on. 😉

Because seeing a sunrise over the lake….is so beautiful.

Part of the reason for chickening out….they put their tent up waaaaay by the woods. Such a teenager idea.

Packing a little Nissan Cube full of camping gear? Yes we can!

Ahhh….a relaxing evening by the fire. I’m already wanting to do it again really soon!

~Happy Labor Day weekend Saturday Gnomies! Come back tomorrow for a sneak peek of an upcoming fun project and video. I’m pretty sure you’ll think it’s pretty cool.


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