Unique, Colorful, and a Texture Treat

Today on the Helmar blog, I have a project up that shares a video of a  technique I love to use. This past weekend, I spent Saturday outdoors with my Brynne, filming three separate video techniques. The night before, a cool front had come through, and left us with a lovely break from the 100 degree temps that have hovered over us for about two months now. Being outdoors, smelling the fresh cool(er) air, and doing some messy crafting was such a treat!  I realize now, I should have gone back in and applied some more makeup, as I had received a card that brought some tears, and made my eyes even puffier than usual. As my last post indicated, however, I’m letting go of quite a bit of the vanity. I mean…holy cow, I can fit in all kinds of crafting, when I’m not fussing over my appearance. Haha.

For the technique video I have to share today, I use corrugated cardboard (a big love in my crafty life, but hey, you probably know that by now, right?), cheesecloth, burlap, and decoupage paste create the base for a colorful and visually interesting project.

As seen in the video, here are a few shots of the layout created using this technique. I took this photo of my sweet Brynne in Minnesota. It was a beautiful 75 degree morning, in my aunt’s garden. I had her stand under a beautiful, huge spruce tree….and the bokeh that was created was amazing! I am so grateful to have this beautiful memory of her.

Helmar unique, full, ALLassiter
I love how the mists and paints did not over-adhere to the decoupaged areas, so it created a nice, colorful, blended look. I’m so happy with how it came out. I am LOVING the Dylusions mists. The Green Grass dylusions is such a vibrant color, and blends so well with other colors.

Helmar close allassiter, unique
Me being the layering junkie I am, I really enjoyed layering even more on top of the already layered background. This really soothes my soul….hehe.

Helmar, allassiter, unique close

Helmar eyes, unique, allassiter close
I’m also a funky junkie (hey, that rhymed!)…meaning I love fun oddities. This G45 paper with the glasses and eyes really appeals to me. I also have a fabulous stamp with a raven wearing  pince-nez. It’s one of my favorite stamps of all time…mostly because of the ludicrousness of it.  It’s very “Alice in Wonderland. ” It’s also perfect for my sweet girl who loves her glasses.  She even wore contacts for a while, but chose to go back to glasses, because she felt more comfortable in them. I guess that should be the case, since she’s worn them since she just turned three.

And in other really awesome sauce news….I was notified today that two of my projects were picked up for publication! One is in Scrapbook Trends’ Create: Handmade (my altered flower pot), and the other in ST Create: Vintage (Mom’s Thoughts Over a Mug). I pretty much never thought they would use any of my projects, so I am over the moon that they want two of them! 🙂

Also, today was my final day as the Library Director at The Winchester Public Library. It’s an end to four years of learning, struggling, and gaining the most valuable experience. I will start my job as the Director of the Valley Falls Delaware Township Library on Monday. I am going to be assuming the job my mother-in-law had for 31 years. This is such a bittersweet thing for me. While I’m so incredibly excited to be moving to a library with a larger population, budget, pay scale, and to assume more hours; it hurts to know I have the job because of Kay’s death. I do think it will be helpful for the community to have someone that relates to the sadness they may feel when they go in the library, and she is no longer there.  In the end, I am sure it will work out just as it should…but I do have to work through the anxiety.

Thank you so much for stopping by the Gnome today. I appreciate all of the support my lovely readers give to me! Big hugs and blessings to you all!



4 Comments on “Unique, Colorful, and a Texture Treat”

  1. Wowwwwwwwwwww. I love this!!!! great colors.. I only have 3 dylusions.. now I want to try to “blend” like you did.. way cool. and congrats on the new job.. definitely a bittersweet move for you.. and glasses.. my son only got his last year.. its been a struggle to get him to wear them but now he grabs them when he really wants to see something.. .. even though the nose pieces have broken off and I mistakenly tried to super glue it back together.. lets just say he has excess glue on his glasses and NO nose pieces.. and glue in the kitchen sink and wall and who knows where else it squirted! Loving your work! oh yea and congrats on the publications!

  2. Chipper says:

    I shall watch the video later when I can turn the sound on 🙂 Husband is still asleep and there is only one space in a hotel room LOL Somehow I don’t think he will like me very much if I watch it now. My daughter loves your videos so I will probably watch it when I am home with her … although she can’t understand how you can enjoy getting messy! She is slowly getting rid of the crazy idea that your hands have to stay clean to create. Lovely layout too 🙂

    Congrats on the job. I know that this is not a path you would have chosen if circumstances were different, but I am sure everything will be ok. Perhaps this is the path you are all supposed to take now and it will help everyone to adjust. I will be thinking of you 🙂

  3. Lynne W says:

    Wow!! I love this layout!! I just found your blog through your video, and I’ll definitely come back for more inspiration!! TFS

  4. ava says:

    lovely work. you have inspired me to try new techniques and get the cardboard out again.

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