Livin’ La Viva Las VegaStamps Loca!

A few weeks ago, Haley came in to my studio while I was working one day, and she had been “destashing” her own art room. She brought me a 5×7 stretched canvas…with a hole in it. She wanted to know if I wanted it. Ha! I am the queen of “let’s fix it”…..I think I got that from my dad….and so of course I said yes. The canvas sat there a little while and taunted me. It  said ” oh Amy, why don’t you use me? Don’t you have the guts? Do you only love PAPER???” So, I decided to give creating a canvas a try.

I also decided to make this canvas for my Dad. This complicated things further…because now I needed to make it masculine! Oy! Over the course of a week, I messed around with this project….adding, subtracting, crying (just a little). When I tried to blend in the photo of the girls……I got the paint way too thick. It looked terrible. I thought I was going to toss the whole thing…and I LOVE that picture! But, I persisted, and blended. I added some vintage text, some ink…..and let. go. I let the canvas reflect my style. And then it became fun.

I knew I was also creating this canvas to show my use of the cool stamps we Gauche Alchemy designers were so graciously given to try by Viva Las Vegastamps.   These stamps saved my bacon! I chose unmounted stamps, and I’m so glad I did. I was able to bend, blend, and more. The stamp above, Italian Sonnet,  was stamped with a blend of different mix’d media inks by Clearsnap. I painted over the top very lightly with gesso…and it blended so well. The other stamp I used on this canvas was the Grunge 1787 Writing Background . I used it in 3 different layers. Again, I chose an unmounted stamp, so I could roll it up, and add just corners, or certain areas in different shades of the same ink color. I have since used this stamp *7* times! It is soooo versatile. I’m pretty sure it is becoming my “go to” background stamp.

My dad raises bees, thinks Italy is the best place in the world (and he’d be right), and is a builder/fixer/architecture lover supreme. So, those things are on this canvas. I once again, did need to add a flower…but I think the burlap petal layers, burlap “leaves” , dark green mallard style feathers,  and layers of grungy paper makes it a bit manly.

As a side note, you will notice these are not my best photos. When I took these, it was 103 degrees, with a billion percent humidity, and with a 25 mile an hour wind. NOT the best photography situation. haha. Dripping sweat, grabbing the canvas as it would catch the wind, having the sun umbrella above my table whacking me in the head. Comical.

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I’ll be sharing another post very soon. It’s a bit more personal, so, I’m taking my time.

Have a great day, and blessings to my gnomies!



6 Comments on “Livin’ La Viva Las VegaStamps Loca!”

  1. Buttons says:

    Love this canvas Amy. Gesso makes everything look so ethereal and it has really brought your elements together. Hugs, Buttons x

  2. FAB canvas, Amy!!! Absolutely lovely. Thanks for the inspiration!!! xx

  3. Chipper says:

    I love what you did with the photo! I can just picture you taking the photos … the sun umbrella had me ROFL! (I know I shouldn’t laugh at it knocking you in the head, but, well, ummmmm!!)

    I am sure you dad will love it. I might just have to pop on over and look at their stamps. I am looking for some cool backgrounds but so far all the ones I have seen are not quite right … either too flowery or too busy.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer!

  4. Sharon F. says:

    Absolutely gorgeous, Amy! And I love your title!!!!!

  5. Very pretty, thank you for sharing.

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