A Fabulously Gauche Thrifted Frame {With A Beeswax Technique Video!}

A couple of months ago, I found this wooden frame at my local Goodwill store, and loved many things about it. I loved the 99 cent price tag, I adored the sentiment around the outside, and I loved the wood’s tones. I didn’t like one thing….and that was the center of the frame. It would have been fine by most people’s standards, but it was simply “plain”, and I thought I would jazz it up.

I’ve been messing around a bit with beeswax. I first saw an awesome technique video a couple of Gauche girls had done a while back, using a craft iron. I tried this, and kind of figured out how to create a velum style look…..which I will share at a later time. The other thing about the beeswax for me is the scent. It really is a divine natural aromatherapy. I thought about taking a small crockpot I never use, and turning into a melting pot, but then I remembered how my husband loves to use it on Super Bowl Sunday for nacho cheese (I say gnarly and yuck), and I decided to try another heat source.

Here is my video of the technique. Ignore my head turned sideways in the intro. I’d had a glass of wine already (you can see the other glass in the upper left of the frame, FYI) …..but I’m not sure it was to blame. I think it is mostly that I am a supreme geek. Also note the tiny bra on the line above my head. Hmmm. I think I need a production manager…..

This project certainly could never be called perfect, but it really fits what I was going for, and my living room decor (where it will be displayed).

I used quite a bit of Gauche Alchemy washi tape on top of the beeswax, and it holds just fine. I love the vintage look when I added ink to the edges as well. I’m really on an “old” kick.

The beeswax stamped impression is definitely subtile, but I think highlighting it with a little paint rubbed in the grooves, and then wiped off, was helpful.

Thanks so much for visiting today, and I hope maybe I gave you a bit of inspirado. Right now, my mojo is at a big time low. I hope maybe it will come back with a vengance soon. I mean…..I have projects to make, and emotions to let go! 🙂
Have a lovely rest of the week, Gnomies.



5 Comments on “A Fabulously Gauche Thrifted Frame {With A Beeswax Technique Video!}”

  1. misty says:

    It is crazy that you did this video because I was just looking up video’s last night to learn what to do with my wax. I thought about the crock pot thing too! Great video Amy!

  2. This is brilliant, Amy. I am SO going to have a go at this – you’ve achieved such a great effect.

    ps that’s a gorgeous photo in the frame too :o)

  3. Your creativity is awesome! I love how you purchased the frame and made it into something you love! Your video is amazing and helpful, too! TFS!!

  4. Chipper says:

    I really enjoyed this video 🙂 Thanks

  5. Very informative, Amy! I am so glad you shared. My beeswax has been sitting on the shelf for a while but now I want to dig it out. Your frame turned out beautifully!

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