A Mini Full Of My Thoughts {Video Tutorial}

Each morning during the school year, when it is quiet in the house, I sit with my mug of coffee. Most of the time I have only maybe five or ten minutes, before I need to get busy on my chores; but in that time, I think of my girls, say little prayers for them (or big ones, depending on how things are going), and have a running dialog of things I wish I could say to them, but realize they would probably think are kind of cheesy or dorky. (Although they know me, and know that I am simply a major dork).  Finally, I decided some of those thoughts needed to be written down, no matter how “non-shakespearesque” they may be. So, I compiled them into this mini album, “Mom’s Thoughts Over A Mug.”

The photos in the album are some of my recent favorites, and I really felt like it worked and flowed naturally.

I created the covers using Clip-Board wood by Zutter, in the 6×6 size, using a technique to make them look worn and aged.   At the end of this post is the video the technique’s process. I hope you’ll give it a try, if you’re looking for a vintage effect, it’s fun and pretty easy. 🙂

This is the first page, and the top portion flips over, and is the advice section for the next page. I thought it was kinda cool to create a little “door” in that way.

This reads (I’m always curious, and wanting to read people’s journaling, hehe, I”m nosy, so I should share too):” I often think in the mornings when I am alone. Goofy, deep, sometimes ridiculous thoughts, that are things I want to share with you. I then think about writing them down, but never do. So, this is a chance for me to share them on the following pages. I hope if they don’t make sense now, maybe they will in the future. Love you so much, Mom”

This page uses a vintage post card with an elephant getting inside of a travel trailer. I thought it was hilarious, and I bought it, thinking I would never have a place to use it. This is the only “non-photo” page in the book. I thought it would be perfect for my thoughts on the need to “fit in.” Unfortunately, I don’t really have any close enough shots for me to translate the journaling.

This is the flip side of the “door” page:

“You have a choice in what you believe. Never let someone else make up your mind for you.”

“Always walk toward friendships that make you feel loved,  and that you can trust. If it feels wrong, or hurts, or makes your stomach tied up in knots, the person is not a good fit for you, and your intuition is telling you this. Believe it.”

“I really wanted to make sure you girls had someone that was always there for you, even when I was gone (and dad of course) someday. **I was talking about way in the future, when we passed on** Every time I see the love you three have for each other, my heart smiles. Please always be each other’s advocate, and remember, not everyone has the gift of sisters. I would have loved that so much.”

From The Help: “Ever morning until you dead in the ground, you gone have to make this decision. You gone have to ask yourself, “Am I gone believe what those fools say about me today?””

This isn’t my thought (it’s from “The Help” again), but one that I think they always need to remember. “You is kind. You is smart. You is important.”

“When life gets crazy, spend some time out in nature, as it is a natural anti-depressant. The miracle of a sunrise or sunset, a bird or butterfly in flight, reminds us of what matters, and what we are capable of. We aren’t meant to spend our life staring at a box or screen, or even looking out a window, we are meant to experience the world in its entirety.”

“You find yourself while seeking adventure. A piece of you may be halfway across the world–look for it.  Don’t be afraid. Love the journey. Trust it. ”

“When it is tempting to get depressed over life’s burdens, get creative. Sing, dance, write——Let it out.

“Without anything but pure existence, you are loved; by the creator of everything, and by your family. NOTHING can take that away. Ever.”

And to wind up the post……here is the back cover, and the technique video:

Blessings, ~A

-Update 7/31/2013: This mini album had a two page feature in Northridge Publishing’s “Create Vintage: Mini Albums-January/February 2013”


7 Comments on “A Mini Full Of My Thoughts {Video Tutorial}”

  1. Sue Bunce says:

    I just LOVE this mini album Amy. Beautiful – and lovely words!

  2. Chipper says:

    A beautiful mini! As moms we always want to say so much but often don’t. I have the habit of re-running conversations in my head after the fact trying to work out how I could have said it better. I keep seeing bound minis and I shall prob have to invest in a machine soon😃 as i love minis. I love the lettering you used to spell out ‘connect’

  3. Buttons says:

    So I’m sitting here blubbering and realising that I got so lost in reading what you said that I didn’t take in how you made your mini-book. Makes me realise I don’t tell my three how special they are or pass on any words of wisdom often enough – mental note made to try harder with this. So now I’m going to go through the whole post again and your video tut. to learn how to produce a work of art like this. Thanks SO MUCH for sharing, hugs Buttons x

  4. Divine! Amazing. Gorgeous. Beautiful! Heartfelt. Absolutely perfect 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  5. jsquared says:

    They will cherish that when they are older – but you will have to make them one each!!!!!!! Some of those things are very appropriate for my daughter and her friends right now. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog.

  6. This is wonderful! I love the sentiments and the inspiration but most of all I love the look of the whole darn thing!

  7. Chipper says:

    This is beautiful and I love the idea behind it. I wish I was feeling a little more inspired at the moment, I think I just need to snap out of it and just go craft.

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