Rollin’ With My Gnomies

You know, as a reader of my blog, that I have a love for Gnomes………I mean, you’d have to be blind not to see that. But, it wasn’t always that way. Most of my life, up until about two years ago, I found gnomes cute, but a bit strange for me to care about having around the house or garden. When I was trying to think of a good name for my blog and studio, I asked my husband (who really didn’t have much desire to participate in my quiz/game. You know how men can be), “what things do you think of when it comes to me and my personality?” His answer was sooooooooo correct. “Gardens and sparkly things.” So, I thought of a funny creature that represents a garden, and a gnome came right to mind. The sparkle? It was already there. Haha!

Recently, a really good friend of mine that lives across the pond from me, asked me about my fascination with gnomes, and the name of my studio. After explaining  (including my love for the french movie Amelie; and the traveling gnome that represents encouraging someone to move out of their comfort zone, and live their dreams), I decided I needed to send her a little piece of my work, too.  So, this funny little card was born!

I started by creating the chevron pattern out of three layers of patterned paper, and used Helmar Acid Free to adhere each layer securely. After these layers had dried, I machine stitched over a few of the layers, and added a top layer of washi tape.

Next, I created the tag from the same materials, and added the cute gnome sentiment, hearts in a row, and grass stamps from Sweet Stamp Shop( I am always thrilled to find something gnome related, especially when I can paper craft with it); punched the edge, and added a small strip of the patterned paper and washi. I also added twine to the loop on the tag.

I added layers of Helmar Zap Dots to these circles and stamped mushrooms (one of which I removed to add stamping, and put back on the wrong direction…oops) and it added wonderful layers of dimension that adhered really, really well. I don’t have to worry about my recipient finding pieces of her handmade card in the bottom of the envelope!

I had so much fun finding fun gnomes around my garden to photograph the card with. It was my own roaming gnome, the card edition!
Also, have a look at the gnomes in my first photo.  I put Helmar 450 Quick Dry on their hats and beards, and then shook on some glitter! Ah, some more sparkling gnomes to grace my home! My husband is thrilled. hehe.

Thank you SO much for visiting today, and I hope you have a wonderful, creative, and sparkling gnome filled week. I’ll be back soon with another fun share from Gauche Alchemy. Until then, don’t forget that Helmar has a great challenge going! Add your colorful piece to the Flickr pool, it’s great fun!



3 Comments on “Rollin’ With My Gnomies”

  1. Chipper says:

    Love the glittery gnomes. Did you ever see the episode of ‘Extreme Stickling’ where they stickled the gnome? If not you might enjoy it. It is on RangerInd YouTube channel or just search for it. I think it was episode three 🙂

  2. misty says:

    love your post and card title! Its too cute and I’m loving the layers.

  3. LOVE!!! Such cute gnomies 🙂 Thanks for the inspiration!!

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